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Chapter 10 Excel Quiz

Excel 2010
Which statement about comments in Excel is true?
Position the mouse pointer over the cell containing a comment indicator to display a comment box.
What document property cannot be changed within Backstage view?
Last Modified date
The _____ category in the Excel Options dialog box enables you to enter your name to personalize Microsoft Office
Which of the following is not a characteristic of a shared workbook?
A history of changes is saved indefinitely by default.
The Change Tracking feature does not detect what type of change?
Applying percent style for the range b4 b10
A workbook that has been marked as final?
Opens in a Read Only mode.
The ____ tool detects particular properties, such as Author, and removes those properties from a file that you plan to distribute.
Document Inspector
If you want to save a file in a format that preserves worksheet formatting , prevents changes,and ensures that the document looks the same on most computers ,save the workbook in the _____file format.
If you want to save workbook to a highly secure central location to enable efficient collaboration.
Save the workboo to a SharePoint site or to a shared SkyDrive folder.
You can do all of the following except______ for both customizing the Ribbon and customizing the Quick Access Toolbar.
Create a new group