Aeneid I vocab 24+ times 121-150


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magnus, a, um
great, large, huge, vast; noble, illustrious, mighty, important
maior, maius
compar. of magnus
maneo, ere, mansi, mansus
remain, abide, linger, stay, (a)wait
manus, us (f.)
hand; band, troop; deed
mare, is (n.)
mater, tris (f.)
mother, dam; matron
superl. of magnus
medius, a, um
mid(dle), intermediate
mens, mentis (f.)
mind, feeling, intention
meus, a, um
my (own), mine
miser, era, erum
miserable, unhappy, wretched, unfortunate, pitiable
mitto, ere, misi, missus
send, hurl, dismiss, let go; end, finish; offer, pay
moenia, ium (n.)
walls; city; structures
mons, montis (m.)
mountain, height
mors, rtis (f.)
death, destruction, ruin
moveo, ere, movi, motus
move; ponder
multus, a, um
many, much, abundant
munus, eris (n.)
function, duty; gift
nam, namque
for; indeed, truly
natus, i (m.)
son, child, young
navis, is (f.)
ship, boat, vessel, galley
sign of a question; whether, or
lest, that not, no not
neque, nec
nor, neither; and not;
nomen, inis (n.)
name, fame, renown
not, no
noster, tra, trum
our (own), ours
novus, a, um
new, young, strange, late
nox, noctis (f.)
night, darkness; sleep