10 terms

Keyboarding-Week 1 vocabulary

The study of how a person's work environment and tools affect the person
The way the typist sits, the way the typist's arms, wrists, fingers, legs, and feet are placed
The form and keying style that a typist uses while operating the keyboard
The arrangement of the monitor, keyboard, mouse, copy, and other materials on the desk
Home Row keys
the row of keys on the keyboard on which your fingers rest when not typing; A S D F J K L ;
QWERTY keyboard
a standard keyboard, named for the first 6 letters on the keyboard
Touch typing
also known as the touch method of keyboarding; the ability to type without looking at the keys on the keyboard
Enter Key
Used to take the cursor to the next line, struck with the right pinky (semi-colon finger)
Space Bar
This key is struck with the thumb and used to insert a space between characters
The punctuation mark located on the home row, space once after

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