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Chapter 28: American on the World Stage

Philippine Commission
Created by President McKinley in 1899 to help assimilate the Filipinos. Led by Taft. It used millinos of American follars to imrpove roads, public health, sanitation, set up an unusually good school system, help teach English as a second language and it helped develop economic ties between the US and the Philippines.
John Hay
Secretary of State who proposed the 'Open Door' policy.
Open Door Note
Policy in which all great powers had to announce their leaseholds or spheres of influence, repsect Chinese rights/ideal of fair competition. Italy accepted, along with Britain, Germany, France, and Japan. Russia however did not oblige and the policy proved in effect.
Hay-Pauncefote Treaty of 1901
Treaty that gave the US a free hand to build the canal and conceded the right to fortify it as well.
Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty
After Bunau Varilla became the Panamanian minister, the canal was sold to the US by The French company for $40 million.
Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
1904 extension of the Monroe Doctrine by Teddy Roosevelt. He feared British/German control over Latin America. He devised this policy of "preventive intervention" that declared that in hte event of future financial malfeasance by the Latn American nations, the US would intevene (take over custom houses, pay off debts, and keep the troublesome powers on the other side of the Atlantic-no one besides the US coul push around the Latin nations except the US.