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SVDP History 7th Grade Chapter 5

7th Grade History Chapter 5
In what year did the Spanish friars establish the first permanent settlement of Europeans in Texas?
What name did the Spanish give to the settlement?
Mission of Corpus Christi de la Ysleta
Where was most Spanish activity during the 1690's?
Eastern part of Texas, near French Louisiana
In the next several decades, what did Spain build in the lands occupied by Native Americans?
Presidios, Missions and towns
What name did Alonso de Leon and his companions give to the group of Native American group whom they met near the Colorado River?
What was the name of the Native American group whom they met?
What was the name of the first Spanish mission in East Texas?
San Francisco de los Tejas
What caused the Spaniards to abandon the San Francisco de los Tejas mission?
Spaniards didnt want to spend money. Also a drought, disease and they rejected the Catholic Religion and resented there attempts to change the way they lived.
What did the Spaniards learn from the missions failures?
They would need presidios and families
Where did the Spaniards build their next mission?
Eagle Pass, West of River
What was the name given to this mission?
Mission San Juan Bautista
Where did France establish a colony in 1999?
Biloxi Mississippi
What were the French interested in doing there?
Trading Post, friendship and profits
How did the French make money?
By blankets, guns and wines
Why did Father Hidalgo write to the French governor in Louisiana?
To build a mission
Why did the governor listen to Father Hidalgo's proposal?
To open trade
What did Louis de St. Denis do on the Red River?
Trading Post
What were the two results of St. Denis's meeting with they viceroy?
To build new missions and trade between France and Spanish
What is the difference between a presidio and mission?
Presidio has a spanish land that is occupied and spanish military outpost. Missions spread Catholic Religions.
What was the name of the first Spanish mission in East Texas?
San Francisco de los Tejas
Explain how politics, religion and climate played a role in the failure of Mission San Francisco de los Tejas
-politics - France wasn't a threat, and they abandon the mission.
- religion- They rejected the Catholic faith and didnt want to change the way to live.
- climate- drought and disease.
within a year of their arrival at the site of San Francisco de los Tejas, what had the Spanish accomplished?
They got families to live there and Native Americans didnt harm them. 6 missions and 1 presidio.
Why did the Spanish see a need for a new settlement midway between New Spain and the new missions?
They could do more trade and would be closer to the French, supplies and new stuff.
What did the Spanish expedition construct in 1718, and where was it constructed?
Presidio San Antonio de Bexar, one side of the San Antonio river.
Who founded Mission San Antonio de Valero?
Father Antonio de San Buenaventura y Olivares
What city is now what was the original Mission San Antonio de Valero?
The Alamo, a new republic population or Los Andes
What happened in 1719 that halted the settlement of East Texas?
The settling in East Texas which made Spain and France go to war.
What prompted the viceroy of New Spain to send Aguayo and 500 soldiers to meet the French threat?
Spain and France to war. Founded cities.
What did Aguayo and soldiers do?
Go build a Spanish mission
What was the first capital of Texas?
Los Andes and Presidio
What was Nuestra Senora del Pilar de los Adaes?
What did Aguayo establish a capital?
French threat
To where was Aguayo's mission and presidio moved?
San Antonio
Whom did the Native American people of the Plains resent?
Along what river were three missions founded between 1748 and 1751?
San Gabriel
Give three reasons why the Spanish missionaries failed to Christianize the Plains people?
disease, drought and spread of the Catholic religion.
What word in the U.S. correlates to province?
State, District
What were the main points of conflict between the Plains peoples and the Spanish Missionaries?
Resented intruders on hunted grounds. State of country. No Catholic change religion
Why did Spanish missionaries continue their work in East Texas and on the Plains when the people resented them?
They kept trade with the French people and spread Catholic Religion. They were appealing to a higher order and God would help them.
The friars worked hard to teach the Native Americans the ............... way of life
The Spanish sometimes used ............ to get the Native Americans to settle near the missions
For those Native Americans who accepted .......... life, the day always started with ............
Mission farms produced rich .......... , so there was always plenty of ..........
harvests......corn, beans, cantalopes, cucumbers, watermelon, ciles, pimientos, peaches and sweet potatoes
The main reason that the Native Americans refused to stay on the missions was because it limited their ...........
freedom and lifestyle
A Spanish soldier's life was difficult because he had to protect the ......., maintain control over the ........, and scout the countryside for ...........
missions.....Native Americans.....intruders
In addition to San Antonio, ........., ........., and ......... ........... were the most important settlements in Spanish Texas
Goliad, Nacogdoches, Los Adaes
....... .......... served as the capital of Texas after 1772
San Antonio
An ayuntamiento was a ........ ......... elected by .........
city council, landowners
Some of the oldest families in modern San Antonio trace their ancestors from the ............ ...........
Canary. Islanders
A mestizo is a person of mixed Spanish and ........ ........l or ...... .........l heritage
Native American, Spanish Texas
A .......... is someone of Mexican heritage who considers Texas his or her home.
What is the relationship between alcalde and ayuntamiento?
It is another name for ayuntamiento that means chief official with the title of alcalde
How did public officials guard public health?
The soldiers guarded the missions and they washed clothes, drank some water and picked up public trash.
What types of disagreements went between friars and soldiers over Native Americans?
Friars wanted the Spanish soldiers to be a good Catholic, but they disagreed to it. Then they agreed since the soldiers protected the mission and the Catholics were in the mission. Disagred over treatment of Native Americans. They wanted more freedom.