Ch.11 Section 4

vernacular languages
everyday language
English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
What are the vernacular languages?
traveling singers
National epic, romances, prose fiction, fabliaux, and dramas
What are some forms of vernacular literature?
short comic stories in rhymed verses
Who wrote the Divine Comedy?
Who wrote the Canterbury Tales?
Who is considered the father of modern Italian?
the pilgrimage to the 3 realms where christian souls could go after death
What does The Divine Comedy tell about?
hell, puratory, and paradise
What 3 places could christian souls go to after death?
Dante is guided through hell and purgatory by WHO?
Dante is guided through heaven by WHO?
a young woman of Florence who became Dante's literary inspiration
Who is Beatrice?
Middle English
All of Chaucer's works are written in a dialect of _________ ________.
Plato and Aristotle
The educational system resembled that of Athen's when WHO and WHO taught?
an association of people
universitas means:
theology and liberal arts
Those at Paris and Oxford specialized in WHAT?
Latin grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music
Liberal arts included WHAT?
civil law and canon(church law)
The University of Bologna taught WHAT?
The University at Salerno specialized in WHAT?
What signified the beginning of work as a teacher?
the attempt of medieval philosphers to reconcile Christian faith with Aristotle's philosophy
Peter Abelard
important scholastic philospher; book Sic et Non
Sic et Non
a collection of statements showing inconsistencies of teaching by the church
Thomas Aquinas
A Dominican friar; wrote Summa Theologiae
Summa Theologiae
What summarized Christian thought?
math and optics
What two subjects received serious attention in Europe?
the study of light
What is optics?
Asia, Europe
Windmills and waterwheels were invented in _______, and spread to _________.
style using arches, vaults, domes, and low horizontal lines
similar to Rome
Romaneque means:
Spain and Sicily
Classic work from Greek and Roman philosophers came through Muslims in ________ and ____________.
one of the most beautiful forms of architecture during the middle ages names after a barbarian tribe: