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Cash crops
Crops raised to make moneh for their owners
Ex: cotton in US 1800s
Commercial agriculture and fruit farming
Type of agriculture predominating in US southeast region. With growing season and humid climate and access to large markets up northeast
Mediterranean agriculture
Type of agriculture that has same livestock raised but most efficient in crop production for human consumption other than animal feed
Plantation farming
Type of agriculture on a large farm that specializes in one or two crops made for export
The growing of fruits vegetables flowers trees from commercial base of Mediterranean Sea
Livestock ranching
Commercial grazing of animals over an extensive area
Practiced in arid/semi ariz regions
Dairy farming
Farming in areas outlyinglarge urban areas and feed many population all across the US, Western Europe southeast Canada
Worlds breadbasket
Parties of North America are often called bc what's the worlds most leading export crop
Grain farming
Farming that produces wheat
Intensive subsistence agriculture
Involves cultivation of small land plots through great amounts of labor and yields per Unit area and polutaion densities are both high
Extensive subsistence agriculture
Involve large areas of land and minimal labor per land unit
Wet or lowland rice
Planted on dry land in a nursery and moved on seedling to a flooded field to promote growth
Cereal grains
Pats wheat eye or barley
Prairie lands
Mixed crop and livestock farming
Farmers grow corn and raise livestock on the same land spread w/ most crops feeding animals
Ex: maize farms
Practice of moving frequently from one place to the other dictated by the need for posting to the animals
Ex: native Americans
Pastoral nomadism
Alternative to sedentary agriculture and characterized by following the herds, the hunter era and gatherers
The growing of various types of crops
LDC farm size
Only self
MDC farm size
Have more machinery and scientific advantages
Large farms devoted to agriculture
Scientific advantages
Helps boost crop fields and the health of their animals
% of farmers
High percentage of farming
% of farmers
Small percentage of farmers
Impact of use of machinery
Replace work w hand tools and animal powers
Crop rotation
Practice of rotations use of different fields from crop each year to avoid exhausting soil
Fencing/hedging large blocks of land
When people sell whatever they want
Farming is integrated into large food production industry
Second agricultural revolution
Began in Western Europe in 1600s
Promoted higher yields per acre and per farmer
Seed agriculture
Production of plants though annual seed plantings
Neolithic revolution
Ability to settle based on successful cultivation of crops domestication is animals