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Attribution Theory


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Attributions have little effect on behaviors.
Which of the following situations involves an external attribution?
Nick believes he did well on the exam because the exam was easy.
Overcoming the fundamental attribution error requires making an effort to shift an external attribution into an internal attribution.
Alan is competing in a speed-eating contest. He ends up winning the contest, beating four other competitors. Alan thinks he has won because he trained the hardest.

What kind of attribution has Alan assigned to explain his success?
an unstable internal attribution
Uriela is walking to school. Daniel pushes her aside as he runs down the street. Uriela becomes upset with Daniel because she believes his behavior was caused by his rudeness.

What kind of attribution has Uriela assigned to explain Daniel's behavior?
a stable internal attribution
"He only helped because he wanted to impress Susan" is an example of internal attribution.
Which of the following is the best demonstration of the fundamental attribution error?
Polly believes that her father is smart because he explained the math problem.
In self-serving bias, individuals are more likely to attribute their successes to __________.
personal characteristics
Luck, or opportunity, is an unstable external attribution.
If one is acting according to the principle of defensive attribution, what is the most likely attribution of a person who sees a homeless man?
"Great, another lazy drifter in town."
Once assigned, attribution is a permanent status.
"I won the lottery because I'm lucky" is an example of external attribution.
Katherine is at the movie theater. She waits in line for ten minutes, and then the ticket seller is very rude to her. When she gets inside to buy her snacks, her order is incorrect. Finally, she goes into the theater itself and finds only one open seat even though the ticket seller told her that there were plenty of open seats. She storms back out to the lobby and asks for the manager. When the manager arrives, Katherine yells and screams at her.

According to the principle of fundamental attribution error, what are other theater-goers likely to think of Katherine's behavior?
"Wow, I'll bet she is rude to everyone."
Percy walks to his parked car. He discovers that one of his windows is broken. He does not know how it happened.

Based on the information above, what type of attribution will Percy likely make?
Percy will likely be unable to make an attribution.