13 terms

ch 4 psychology

post conventional
formal operational thought is most necessary for the development of ____ morality
according to erikson, committing oneself to meaningful social roles would be most indicative of
haidt's social intuition theory
which theory emphasizes the immediate gut level feelings often precdede and influence our moral reasoning
according to erikson, later adlthood is to integrity as young adulthood is to
during which stage do children understand the world primarily by observing the effects of their own actions on other ppl, objects and events
neural connections
poor memory for early life experiences results from a baby's relative lack of
identical twins typically begin walking on nearly the same day. this best illustrates the importance of _____ to motor skills
predictability of development
stage theories of adult development are most likely to be criticized for exaggerating the
less more
adolescent females spend ____ time alone and _____ time praying then do adolescent males
a reduction in estrogen levels is most closely associated with
later adulthood
ppl differ the most in their learning and memory abilities during
solid disk facelike image
newborns habituate more rapidly to a ____ than to a _____.
gut level intuitions
the sexual abuse of a very young child is so emotionally repulsive to most ppl that they immediately recognize it as shamefully immoral. this best ilustrates that moral judgments may reflect