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40 terms

French Introductions

Bonjour, monsieur
Hello Mr...
Bonjour, madame
Hello Mrs...
Bonjour, mademoiselle
Hello Miss...
A bientôt
See you soon.
A demain
See you tomorrow.
A plus tard
A tout à l'heure
À plus
See you later. (3)
Au revoir
Comment tu t'appelles?
What is your name?
Comment il s'appelle?
What is his name?
Comment elle s'appelle?
What is her name?
Je m'appelle
My name is...
Il s'appelle
His name is...
Elle s'appelle
Her name is...
Ça va?
Are you doing OK? (informal)
Comment ça va?
How's it going? (informal)
Comment allez-vous?
How are you? (formal)
Oui, ça va
Yes, fine.
Oui, ça va bien
Yes, it's going good.
Bien, merci
Fine, thank you.
Très bien, merci
Very good thank you.
Pas mal
Not bad.
Plus ou moins
Non, pas très bien
No, not too good.
Je vous présente
I'd like to introduce you to...
Ça, c'est
This is...
C'est un ami de
He's a friend of...
C'est une amie de
She's a friend of...
Very nice to meet you. (m)
Very nice to meet you. (f)
Et toi?
And you? (informal)
Et vous?
And you? (formal)
Tu as quel âge?
How old are you?
Il a quel âge?
How old is he?
Elle a quel âge?
How old is she?
I am... years old.
Il a...ans
He is... years old.
Elle a...ans
She is... years old.
Ça roule
It's going great!
Pas terrible
Pas génial
Not great. (2)