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  1. coopers hawk
  2. pileated woodpecker
  3. gadwall
  4. wild turkey
  5. mourning dove
  1. a
    brown, columbiformes
  2. b tube, bug, red mohawk, piciformes
  3. c
    bald, galliformes
  4. d
    long c tail, falconiformes
  5. e

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  1. charadriiformes

  2. podicipediformes peg leg, gray cheek

  3. not white belly, anseriformes

  4. red cap and beard, yellowish belly, piciformes

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  1. pied billed grebe


  2. downy woodpecker
    red head, white half wings, piciformes


  3. razorbill
    in tube! falconiformes


  4. three toed woodpeckertube, bug, red mohawk, piciformes


  5. common black headed gull