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  1. red bellied woodpecker
  2. spruce grouse
  3. canvasback
  4. common eider
  5. ring necked duck
  1. a
    greenish neck on male, brown/tiger female, anseriformes
  2. b
    red head, light gray back, anseriformes
  3. c
    cinnamon collar, anseriformes
  4. d
    tube, red mullet, slightly red belly, black and white stripes, piciformes
  5. e
    on a stick, orange and brown, galliformes

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  1. podicipediformes white cheeks, dark cap

  2. not white belly, anseriformes

  3. charadriiformes, smiles, dark end of beak

  4. white chin and eye stripes, galliformes

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  1. common pigeon
    gray, columbiformes


  2. rough legged hawk
    thick striped tail, falconiformes


  3. ruffed grouse
    black markings, galliformes


  4. common pheasant


  5. american kestral
    in tube! falconiformes