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  1. spruce grouse
  2. northern bobwhite
  3. broad winged hawk
  4. wood duck
  5. razorbill
  1. a
    thick striped tail, falconiformes
  2. b
    white stripe on beak, puffin like beak, charadriiformes
  3. c anseriformes
  4. d
    on a stick, orange and brown, galliformes
  5. e
    white chin and eye stripes, galliformes

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  1. juvenile, huge feet, falconiformes

  2. red cap and beard, yellowish belly, piciformes

  3. charadriiformes, littlest, stubby beak

  4. tube, white along edge of wing, piciformes

  5. forked tail, gross, in tube, procellariiformes

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  1. herring gull
    dark beak, no legs, charadriiformes


  2. parasitic jaeger
    hook in head, charadriiformes


  3. three toed woodpecker
    yellow cap, tube, piciformes (pretend the yellow is on the forehead)


  4. red shouldered hawk
    rusty throat Gaviiformes


  5. long tailed duck
    cinnamon collar, anseriformes


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