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  1. red bellied woodpecker
  2. sharp shinned hawk
  3. canvasback
  4. northern fulmar
  5. turkey vulture
  1. a
    tube nose, procellariiformes
  2. b
  3. c
    red head, light gray back, anseriformes
  4. d
    flat bottomed tail, falconiformes
  5. e
    tube, red mullet, slightly red belly, black and white stripes, piciformes

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  1. white on either side of purple, anseriformes

  2. charadriiformes

  3. white chin and eye stripes, galliformes

  4. green eyeshadow and blue beak, anseriformes

  5. yellow neck, charadriiformes

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  1. northern gannet
    white, yellow head, pelicaniformes


  2. osprey
    charadriiformes, littlest, stubby beak


  3. thick billed murre


  4. bonapartes gull
    dark tipped beak, charadriiformes


  5. black guillemot
    white spots on wings, short tail, charadriiformes