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  1. canvasback
  2. common merganser
  3. yellow bellied sapsucker
  4. sharp shinned hawk
  5. common loon
  1. a
  2. b
    red cap and beard, yellowish belly, piciformes
  3. c
  4. d
    red head, light gray back, anseriformes
  5. e
    flat bottomed tail, falconiformes

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  1. podicipediformes white cheeks, dark cap

  2. charadriiformes

  3. anseriformes

  4. anseriformes

  5. charadriiformes, little white wing tips

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  1. wild turkey
    bald, galliformes


  2. ruffed grouse
    black markings, galliformes


  3. black scoter
    white patch on male forehead, anseriformes


  4. green winged teal
    podicipediformes peg leg, gray cheek


  5. bonapartes gull
    beak tied together, brown streak in wing, charadriiformes