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  1. northern flicker
  2. northern bobwhite
  3. laughing gull
  4. great cormorant
  5. bonapartes gull
  1. a
    charadriiformes, smiles, dark end of beak
  2. b
    beak tied together, brown streak in wing, charadriiformes
  3. c
    black whiskers and polka dot belly, gold tail, piciformes
  4. d
    white chin spot, pelicaniformes
  5. e
    white chin and eye stripes, galliformes

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  1. on a stick, orange and brown, galliformes

  2. flat bottomed tail, falconiformes

  3. tube nose, procellariiformes

  4. anseriformes

  5. falconiformes

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  1. downy woodpecker
    red ear spots, tube, piciformes


  2. common pheasant


  3. pied billed grebe
    podicipediformes peg leg, gray cheek


  4. broad winged hawk
    thick striped tail, falconiformes


  5. mallard