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  1. great black backed gull
  2. three toed woodpecker
  3. bufflehead
  4. laughing gull
  5. black scoter
  1. a
  2. b
    yellow cap, tube, piciformes (pretend the yellow is on the forehead)
  3. c
  4. d
    big! one adult, one juvenilebrown), charadriiformes
  5. e
    charadriiformes, smiles, dark end of beak

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  1. orange on beak, brown patch on female head, anseriformes

  2. falconiformes

  3. galliformes

  4. collar, tube nose, curvy beak like claw, procellariiformes

  5. cinnamon collar, anseriformes

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  1. wood duck


  2. ruddy duck


  3. glaucous gull
    dark tipped beak, charadriiformes


  4. hooded merganser
    black markings, galliformes


  5. common pigeon