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  1. greater shearwater
  2. red headed woodpecker
  3. red breasted merganser
  4. common loon
  5. herring gull
  1. a
    collar, tube nose, curvy beak like claw, procellariiformes
  2. b
    red head, white half wings, piciformes
  3. c
  4. d feathery mohawk, anseriformes
  5. e
    white tail, black wing tips, charadriiformes

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  1. in tube, rounded tail, procellariiformes

  2. anseriformes

  3. anseriformes

  4. charadriiformes, lighter wings, white chin

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  1. rough legged hawk
    thick striped tail, falconiformes


  2. broad winged hawk
    thick striped tail, falconiformes


  3. lesser scauppurple tint neck, anseriformes


  4. white winged scoter


  5. merlin
    white on either side of purple, anseriformes