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designed for medical transcription, subject on bones of thorax

bones of the thorax

clavicle, scapula, sternum, ribs are


medical name for "collar bone"

collar bone

general name for "clavicle"


name the slender bone, which is one on each side of the body, connecting the breast bone to each shoulder bone.


medical name for "shoulder bone"

shoulder bone

general name for "scapula"


two flat, triangular bones, one on each dorsal side of the thorax.


the extension of the scapula that joins with the clavicle to form the joint of the shoulder is called


meaning of "acr/o" eg. acromion


meaning of "om/o" eg. acromion


medical name for "breastbone"


a flat bone extending down the midline of the chest.

clavicle and ribs

the uppermost part of the sternum articulates on the sides with the

diaphragm and abdominal muscles

the lower, narrower portion of the sternum is attached to the

xiphoid process

the lower portion of the sternum is called the


meaning of "xiph/o"


how many pairs of 'ribs' are there in thorax

costal cartilages

the first 7 pairs join the sternum anteriorly through cartilaginous attachments called

true ribs

ribs 1-7 are called

true ribs

they join with the sternum anteriorly and with the vertebral column in the back.

false ribs

ribs 8-10 are called

false ribs

They join with the vertebral column in the back but join the 7th rib anteriorly instead of attaching to the sternum

floating ribs

ribs 11 and 12 are called


floating ribs are completely free at their *** extremity

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