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With physical fitness in mind, which one of the following is not motor-related
Physical fitness has a significant impact upon physical health, emotional health, and job performance. Regarding this statement, which one of the following will significantly impact job performance?
ability to deal with stress
Texas was a province of Mexico for approximately:
100 years
In the watch and ward system:
the watch was the nighttime police while the ward was the daytime police
During the time Texas was ruled by the Mexican Govenors, policing was the responsibility of:
the Spanish military
The oldest continuing city in Texas is:
Which one of the following would not be included in examples of courage?
O A. facing barricaded, armed suspect
O B. refusing gratuities
O C. refusing to participate in ethnic or gender-based humor or practical joking
*D. all of the above are examples of courage
A person commits an offense if by means of coercion he: Reference: Penal Code, Art. 36.03
O A. influences or attempts to influence a public servant in a specific exercise of his official power or a specific performance of his official duty
O B. influences or attempts to influence a public servant to violate the public servant's known legal duty
O C. influences or attempts to influence a voter not to vote in a particular manner
* D. all of the above
A person makes a statement under oath during an official proceeding with intent to deceive and with knowledge of the statement being material. The person should be charged with: Reference: Penal Code, Art. 37.03
aggravated perjury
A reserve police officer decides that he needs some attention, so he fabricates a story and calls the police. He gives the police an elaborate story about being physically assaulted. An investigation is conducted, and the man admits that he make the story up to get attention. Which one of the following should the man be charged with? Reference: Penal Code, Art, 37.08
false report to a peace officer
The protection of an individual's right to freely assemble with others is contained in:
Amendment I
Probable cause as a requirement for search to reasonable is contained in:
Amendment IV
The ____ Amendment indicates that the enumeration of the rights in the Constitution is not intended to limit or deny other rights retained by the people.
The issue of " States Rights" is discussed in the _____ Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
In May of 1775, a group of citizens in North Carolina declared the laws of Parliament to be null and void. This was callled the:
Mecklenburg Resolves
The U.S. Constitution was ratified by the states with the agreement that _____ would be added.
a Bill of Rights
That portion of the law which defines the personal and property rights of individuals is a defintion of:
civil law
Which one of the following is not a civil action?
O A. divorce
O B. suit for personal damages
O C. injunction
* D. warrant of arrest for theft
When the magistrate sits for the purpose of inquiring into a criminal accusation against any person, this is called:
a examining court
Which of the following are magistrates, according to Article 2.09 of the Texas CCP?
O A. Justices of the Supreme Court
O B. Judges of the Court of Criminal Appeals
O C. Justices of the Court of Appeals
* D. all of the above
Which of the following are considered peace officers in the state of Texas?
O A. law enforcement officers commissioned by the Parks and Wildlife Commission
O B. law enforcement agents of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage
O C. investigators of the district attorneys', criminal district attorneys' and county attorneys' officers
*D. all of the above
Which of the following is true about railed peace officers?
O A. All railroad peace officers may issue traffic citations
* B. a railroad peace officer in not entitled to state benefits normally provided by the state to a peace officer
O C. A railroad peace officer is appointed by the attorney General of Texas
O D. all of the above
Agents of the FBI have the same authority to arrest for ______ as any peace officer.
felony offense
Which of the following is not a peace officer as defined by Article 2.12, CCP?
Drug Enforcement Administration Agent
Which of the following best describes who is a Conservator of the Peace in the Code of Criminal Procedure?
each sheriff in his county
According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, an arrested person may be given a reasonable time to procure______.
When a prisoner is committed to jail by warrant from a magistrate or court, he shall be placed in jail by:
the sheriff
Whenever a duty is imposed by Code of Criminal Procedure upon a sheriff, the same duty may lawfully be performed by:
his deputy
All except which one of the following courts has jurisdiction in criminal actions?
* A. County Commissioners' Courts
O B. Courts of Criminal Procedures
O C. Districts Courts
O D. Criminal District Courts
What is the highest criminal court in Texas that a criminal case can be appealed to?
the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
Which one of the following courts shall have appellate jurisdiction co-extensive with the limits of their respective districts in all criminal cases except those in which the death penalty has been assessed?
Courts of Appeals
The Court of Criminal Appeals has the power and authority to grant and issue and cause the:
issuance of writs of habeas corpus
Districts courts and criminal district courts shall have original jurisdiction in:
criminal cases of the grade of felony
County courts shall have _____ of all ______ of which exclusive original jurisdiction is not given to the justice court., and when the fine to be imposed shall exceed five hundred dolloars.
original jurisdiction-misdemeanors
County courts shall have ______ in ______ cases of which justice courts an other inferior courts have original jurisdiction.
appellate jurisdiction-criminal
What state court has final appellate jurisdiction in death penalty cases?
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
The _____ courts shall have original jurisdiction of all misdemeanors of which exclusive original jurisdiction is not given to the justice court, and when the fine to be imposed shall exceed five hundred dollars.
A peace officer who investigates a family violence allegation or who responds to a disturbance call that may involve family violence shall advise any possible adult victim or all reasonalbe means to prevent further family violence, including:
giving written notice of a victim's legal rights
The Black's Law Dictionary definition of _________ is "an apparent state of facts found to exist upon reasonable inquiry, which would induce a reaonsably intelligent and prudent man to believe in a criminal case, that the accused person had committed the crime charged.
probable cause
" Holding a person for a limited time, but who, as yet, is not awserable to a criminal offense" is the definition of:
temporary detention
If a peace officer is actively involved in a lawful investigation, he can orally command a person whom he has temporarily detained to remain____ while he is actively involved in the investigation at hand.
for a reasonable length of time that can be satisfactorily accounted for
A "frisk" is defined as:
a "patdown" of the outer clothing of a person whom you have stopped
When a peace officer conducts a "frisk" search of a person, what area of the body can he legally pat down?
the entire body
What force can be used to conduct a "frisk" search?
only that force necessary to effect the "frisk"
" A written order, issued by a magistrate and directed to a peace officer, commanding him to search for any property or thing and seize the same and bring it before such magistrate or commanding him to search for and photogragh a child and to deliver to the magistrate any film exposed pursuant to the order." According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, this is the Reference :Art.18.01, CCP
search warrant
The Code of Criminal Procedure requires that no search warrant shall be issued for any purpose unless _____ does in fact exist for its issurance. Reference Art. 18.02(b), CCP
probable cause
With reference to searches, where do "open fields" begin?
where curtilage ends
The purpose of an inventory is to:
protect personal property
According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, evidence obtained by an officer or other person in violation of any provisions of the Constitution or laws of the State of Texas, or of the Constitution or laws of the United States of America: Reference Art. 38.23, CCP
shall not be admitted in evidence against the accused on the trial of any criminal offense
Th legal justification for conducting a frisk is:
to insure the safety of the officer
The authority of the police officer to conduct a stop-and-frisk is based on:
the Supreme Court's decision in Terry v. Ohio
An officer derives his authority to arrest for offenses commited in his presence from:
Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Art. 14.01
A temporary detention is best described as:
detention of an individual based on a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity
An inventory is an administrative procedure designed to:
provide for the safekeeping of property in police custody
The mobile vehicle exemption to the search warrant requirment is based on the Supreme Court's decision in:
Carroll v. U.S.
The detention of a person carried out by threat, menace, or fear of injury is a defintion :
constructive custody
For an arrest to be lawful, certain elements must be present. The correct elements of a lawful arrest are:
authority, intent, seizure, understanding
An officer may search a vehicle or person incident to an arrest if:
the arrest is based on probable cause
"Physical pain, illness, or any impairment of physical condition" is the definition of:
bodily injury
Which of the following is not one of the elements of an offense as defined in Section 1.07 of the Penal Code?
O A. forbidden conduct
O B. required culpability
O C. required result
* D. negation of defense
What is the level of proof required to convict a person of an offense?
proof beyond a reasonable doubt
All persons are presumed to be _____, and no person may be convicted of an offense unless each element of the offense is______.
innocent, proved beyond a reasonable doubt
A person acts _____ with respect to his conduct when he is aware that his conduct is reasonably certain to cause the result.
Which of the following is not a culpable mental state listed in Chapter 6 of the Texas Penal Code?
O A. intentional
* B. purposeful
O C. knowingly
O D. criminal negligence
A person commits the offense of____ if he causes the death of another by accident or mistake while operating a motor vehicle in a public place, an aircraft, or a watercraft while intoxicated.
intoxication manslaughter
The term "_____" means to restrain a person with intent to prevent his liberation by secreting or holding him in a place where he is not likely to be found.
Ricky is angry about losing his job 6 months ago. He goes to the Post Office, his former place of employment, and he takes his deer rifle with him. Once inside, he tells his former boss to lie face down on the floor and not to move, or he will shoot him. Rick surrenders later to the police, without further incident. What should Rick be charged with?
aggravated kidnapping
An act of sexual contact in a public place is considered_______.
public lewdness
A female who exposes her breast in a public place is guilty of:
no offense
Deviate sexual intercourse with another individual of the same sex is a _____.
not an offense in Texas
Larry, Jim's lover, calls Jim on the telephone and tells him that if he doesn't stop going to gay bars, that he is going to come over and
" beat him to a bloody pulp." Larry, who is a drama queen, intentionally makes this statement because he knows Jim will become upset, call the cops and make a big deal out of it. Jim calls the local Sheriff's Dept. and they respond to his house. Which of the following offenses is this highest charge applicable to this incident.
terroristic threat
A person commits ________ if he intentionally or knowingly causes the penetration of the anus or female sexual organ of another person by any means, without the person's consent.
sexual assault
Rick and Rene have been married for 10 years. Rene filed for divorce and moved to an apartment. A week after filing for divorce she went back to the house where Rick lives to get the rest of her clothes. Rick forced her to have sexual intercourse with him by threatening her with a knife. ( The divorce had not been granted ). Rick should be charged with:
aggravated sexual assault
Mr. Jones is burning brush pile on his own property. while he is watching the fire, he sits in his pickup and drinks beer until he is intoxicated. The fire, in the meantime, gets out of control, and spreads to Mr. Smith's property. $10,000.00 worth of Mr. Smiths property is destroyed in the resulting fire. Which of the following is the proper charge for Mr. Jones/
Mr. Jones should be charged with reckless damage or destruction.
Lester steals a pair of Oakley sunshades from Eye Masters. As he is leaving, an employee attempts to detain him. Lester runs around the employee, but knocks down a seventy-five year-old man. The elderly man is injured. Which one of the following best applies?
aggravated robbery
"Habitation" means a structure or vehicle that is the overnight accommodation of persons, and includes:
*A. each separately secured or occupied portion of the structure or vehicle
* B. each structure appurtenant to or connected with the structure or vehicle
Entering aSE motor home adapted for the overnight accommodation of persons and being used as a dwelling with intent to commit theft is:
Entering a motor home adapted for overnight accommodation of persons and being used as a dwelling with intent to commit theft is:
The main difference between burglary and robbery is_______.
that in order to prove robbery, the actor must cause bodily injury to another, or place another in fear of imminent bodily injury or death
Wade writes a $75 check to Nevada Bob's Golf Shop to purchase a new putter. He knows that his account only has $12.39 in it. Two weeks later, the check is returned to Neveda Bob's marked "insufficient funds." Which one of the following best applies to this situation?
class B theft
While watching T.V., Lee sees the "Crime of the Week" on Crimestoppers. The "Crime of the Week" is a robbery which occurred two weeks ago. In an attempt to gain a Crimestopper's reward, Lee reports to the police a fabricated story about the identify of the suspect in the robbery. In reality, Lees has no knowledge of the robbery. Which one of the following best applies to this situation?
false report to a peace officer
A person commits ______ if, with the intent to deceive and with knowledge of the statement's meaning, he makes a false statement under oath during an official proceeding and the false statement is material.
aggravated perjury
Jeff is stopping vehicles in Coleman, Texas, and is wearing a uniform worn by Coleman Police Department Patrol Officers. Jeff is not a police officer, but wishes he was. When he stops the cars he is asking the drivers to show him their drivers licenses. What offense best applies?
impersonating a public servant
Art and Don both witnessed a burglary. They talked about it and decided they didn't want to get involved, so they did not report it to the police. Which one of the following best applies to this situation/
no offense has been committed
A person who intentionally prevents or obstructs a person whom he knows to be a peace officer from effecting an arrest or search by using force against the peace officer should be charged with:
resisting arrest, search or transportation
According to the Texas Penal Code, a situation is considered a "riot" if ___ or more individuals assemble and substantially obstruct law enforcement services.
A person who continually calls you on the phone at 3:00a.m. and then hangs up is guilty of:
During a rally of the "Youth for White Supremacy" a participant addresses a police officer as a "jack-booted hoodlum." The actor is guilty of:
no offense
The width between the boundary lines of a publicly maintained way when any part of which is open to the public for vehicular travel is a:
street or highway
When a driver parks a vehicle upon a two-way street, the right hand whells of such vehicle should be at least ______ from the curb.
18 inches
There are ______ classes of drivers license and one permit.
Except when directed to proceed by a police officer or traffic control signal, every driver of a vehicle approaching a stop intersection indictaed by a stop sign shall:
Stop before entering a crosswalk on the near side of the intersection or when on a crosswalk, at clearly marked stop line, if any, or at a point nearest the intersection where the driver has a view of approaching traffic on the intersection roadway.
You are operating your patrol car on a two lane two way roadway and approaching an intersection with a two lane two way roadway facing a steady red light in combination with a green arrow, permitting left turns. You desire to make a right turn. No signs are erected prohibiting right turns. To be in compliance with state law you:
May make a right turn after stopping
When driving to the left of the center line, passing another vehicle, you must return to your lane within how many feet of an oncoming vehicle?
No vehicle shall be driven to the left side of the roadway when approaching within ___ feet of any bridge, viaduct, tunnel, or railroad crossing.
100 feet
A vehicle upon a four lane roadway designed for the movement of two way traffic, makes a right turn onto another street or highway of the same design. The approach for the turn:
Shall be made as close as practical to the right hand curb or edge of the roadway
Preferential right of way at an intersection may be indicated by:
Stop signs or yields
Whenever a driver of a motor vehicle approaches a railroad crossing and a clearly visible electric or mechanical signal device gives warning of the immediate approach of a train, the driver of such a vehicle shall stop within feet but not less than ____ feet of the nearest rail.
The State of Texas recognizes, alcohol concentration, as Per Se evidence of intoxication.
A first offense for DWI carries a jail penalty of ______.
72 hours in jail
A person arrested for DWI with an alcohol concentration of ______ or above is presumed to be intoxicated.
A person commits an offense if the person is intoxicated while driving or operating a motor vehicle:
Ina public place
Before administering a blood or breath test for alcohol concentration, the officer must read ______ to the suspect.
Police Officer DWI Statutory Warning
Which of the following would not be an approved method for conducting a field sobriety test?
reciting the pledge of allegiance
Which of the following is not correct concerning DWI enforcement?
you may only offer a breath test for intoxication
Which of the following would not be a characteristic of the operation of a vehicle by an intoxicated driver?
stopping at the appropriate place at a stop sign or signal
Which of the following would lead you to suspect that you had stopped an intoxicated driver?
O A. the physical actions of the driver (speech, walking, etc.) was slow, unsure, or staggering
O B. the general appearance of the driver
O C. the condition of the vehicle
* D. all of the above could indicate an intoxicated driver
Which of the following is not an element of the offense of Driving While Intoxicated?
* the alcohol or other intoxicating substance was administered by a physician for therapeutic reasons
O B. the person was operating or driving a motor vehicle
O C. the operation of the vehicle occured in a public place
O D. the person was intoxicated
The duty of a driver upon being involved in a traffic accident is/are:
A. stop
O B. render aid
O C. identify themselves
* D. all of the above
The first responsibility of an officer at an accident scene is to:
care for the injured
It is important to control spectators at accident scenes as they might:
interfere with the accident investigation

become traffic hazards
An accident that occurs in a motel or hotel parking area where parking is done by customers is reportable.
Officers who investigate fatal or serious injury accidents will ascertain whether or not the relatives have been advised.
It is permissible to use pencil or blue ink on the completed copy of the accident report.
If an officer goes to an accident scene and determines there is not damage to property or injury to persons, a report should not be submitted.
If a train is involved in a reportable accident, the train engineer's driver license number should be recorded in the same manner as if he were operating an automobile.
All factors found to have contributed to an accident must be shown in the narrative on the ST-3,
When an accident occurs on a highway that has more than one designation, i.e. U.S. 87 and U.S. 77, use the :
lowest number
An officer who investigates an accident is required by law to report the accident to the department within _____ days.
10 days
A car towing another car and the towed car becomes detached and runs off the road and strikes a tree, causing heavy damage to the front of the towed vehicle. Which vehicle is actually the traffic unit?
the car doing the towing
An investigator arrives at a conclusion by:
reasoning based on the culmination of facts
A rough sketch of an accident scene is:
an officer's drawing of the accident location used to indicate measurements and the relative positions of objects and vehicles
Whenever a person is involved in an accident involving damage to another vehicle, the person is required by law to:
return to the scene of the collision and give information including name, address, registration number of the vehicle and the name of the vehicle liability insurer
A sheriff or other officer who receives a subpoena and fails from neglect to execute the document may be subject to a maximum fine of _____.
The District Court has a need to bring a child into their control to decide cutody / paternal rights. The correct order would be a/an ____.
writ of attachment
If a Sheriff / Constable neglects or refuses to return a Writ of Execution as required by law, ______.
the officer and his sureties are liable to the person entitled to receive the money collected on the execution for the full amount of the debt, plus intrest and costs
No civil suit shall be commerced nor process issued or served on Sunday. This statement means that____.
a citation with a petition delivered on Sunday would be invalid service
A written order of the court directed to the sheriff or constable to take possesion of the property is dispute and preserve it for the adjudged owner is a:
writ of sequestration
A citation requires the officer to:
deliver a copy of the process to the defendant
What are the standard hours of sale of alcoholic beverages for a package store?
A person may lawfully transport and possess not more than ______ of beer in a dry area for his own personal use:
288 fluid ounces
A diluent or adulterant that has been used in cutting a controlled substance, and is actually mixed into the controlled substance, is an example of:
controlled substance
Possessing less than 2 ounces of marijuana constitutes a:
Class B misdemeanor
Nicotine and caffeine are examples of what classification of controlled substance?
Which of the following includes all six major categories of controlled substances?
narcotics, depressants, marijuana, stimulants, hallucinogens, and simulated controlled substances
Heroin is known in street terminology as______.
Under which of the following circumstances may a child's rights in proceedings be waived?
the waiver is voluntary
O B. the waiver is made by the child and the attorney for the child
A child is taken into custody for an offense listed as Conduct Indicating a Need for Supervision. Of the following, which is correct regarding the finger printing or photographing of the child?
the child may not be photographed without the consent of the juvenile court
Of the following, who may lawfully consent to a minor's medical treatment without written consent?
B. any blood relative
O C. a babysitter
* D. all of these may consent
Delinquent Conduct includes conduct other than ___, that violates a penal code law punishable by imprisonment or by confinement in jail.
traffic offenses
As defined in the Juvenile Justice Code, the adult with whom the child resides is called:
A juvenile is placed in a jail (not approved for the detention of juveniles) for Criminal Trespass. Which of the following is true?
the juvenile is entitled to immediate release from custody
Which of the following is an example of Conduct indictaing Need for Supervision (CINS)?
Violating a reasonable and lawful order of the juvenile court constitutes which of the following?
delinquent conduct
An eleven year old juvenile has run away from home. What period of time must pass for his act to be considered as a "child in need of supervision"?
there in no specified time limit
With whom may a child not be detained?
Fields notes should contain accurate descriptions and details of a crime scene. Information such as ______ should be included in the fields notes, when applicable.
A. measurements of crime scene
O B. location of crime scene
O C. identification markings placed on evidence
* D. all of the above apply
A rule to complete field note taking is:
to ask a question and take another look
Linear communication is composed of five components. In order, they are:
a sender, encoding, the message, decoding, and receiver
Describe the problem with the following sentence: She died in the house were she was born at the age of 88.
Misplaced modifier
Describe the problem with the following sentence: A bystander at the incident was hit by a stray bullet.
Passive voice
When describing things, places, and people, and officer must, where appropriate
Use all the senses
O B. Paint a picture with words using clear, vivid language
O C. Be systematic
* D. All of the above
Some of the significant uses of a police report include:
Permanent record of facts, coordination of follow up, reference material
The basic elements that a police report must relay to the reader are:
Did offense actually occur; Who were the people involved; What are the leads; What are the circumstances of the incident; and What investigational tasks have been completed and what remain to be done.
According to the penal code, custody means:
under arrest by a peace officer

under restraint by a public servant pursuant to an order of the court
According to the penal code, escape means:
unauthorized departure from custody

failure to return to custody following a temporary leave for a limited period
According to the penal code, deadly means:
force that is intended by the actor to cause death or serious bodily injury
O B. force that is known by the actor to cause death or seious bodily injury
O C. force, in the manner of its use, is capable of causing death or serious bodily injury
* D. all of the above are elements included in the definition of deadly force
Under which of the following situations is an officer not justified in using force?
in response to an actor's verbal provocation alone
What degree of force can be used by a peace officer to prevent the escape of a prisoner from a correctional facility?
any force, including deadly force, he reasonably believes is immediately necessary
Even though an actor is justified in using deadly force, but recklessly injures or kills an innocent bystander, which of the following would be true in a prosecution for the reckless injury or killing of the innocent third person?
the defenses in Ch. 9 would still be available to him

the actor culd be held civilly liable
Regarding necessity as a justification for the use of force, conduct is justified if:
the actor reasonably believes the conduct is immediately necessary to avoid imminent harm
O B. the desirability and urgency of avoiding the harm clearly outweigh the harm sought to be prevented
O C. there are no clear legislative prohibitions against the conduct
* D. all of the above are true statements
Use of force against another is not justified:
as a response to verbal provocation alone
O B. to resist an arrest or search being made by a person the actor knows to be a peace officer
O C. if the actor consented to the exact force used or attempted by the other
* D. all of the above are correct responses
A person may use deadly force against another to protect a third person when:
he would be justified in using force as provided in Ch. 9
O B. a reasonably person in the same situation would not have retreated
O C. he reasonably believes that his intervention is immediately necessary to protect the third person
*D. all of the above, taken together, are true statements
In defending a third person, an actor is justified in using:
any degree of force, regardless of the circumstances
O B. only non lethal force, regardless of the circumstances
O C. deadly force, regardless of the circumstances
* D. none of the above is correct
When protecting life or health, a person:
may use deadly force to protect another's life in an emergency
A person is justified in using deadly force against another to prevent the imminent commission of which of the following offense(s)?
arson of an unoccupied dwelling
O B. burglary during the nighttime
O C. aggravated kidnapping
* D. all of the above are correct
Of the following statements concerning an officer's liability under the Civil Rights Act, the position of the federal government is that:
there is no good faith defense for criminal violations
That degree of influence the officer must exert over the violator to take him or her safely into custody is referred to as:
The lowest level of force in the Force Continuum is:
command presence
______ is the minimum amount of lawful aggression of sufficient to achieve a legitimate law enforcement objective.
reasonable force
In physical arrest, the police role is essentially:
Uncertainty is likely to result in compensating behavior. Compensating behavior may take which of the following forms?
O B. verbal abuse
O C. unnecessary force
* D. all of the above
Which of the following is not a factor to be considered when assessing the need to use force?
race of suspect
Which of the following is a method used by good problem solvers:
positive attitude
O B. activeness in problem solving
O C. breaking the problem into parts
* D. all of the above
Which of the following is not a step in the S.A.R.A. Model:
During the period between 1900 and 1940, one of the major contributions resulting in a more rapid response by the police was:
the utilization of the automobile
One of the major factors which improved the professional police model during the period 1950 through the 1970's was an emphasis on:
As our ability to move about in the automobile and to communicate via radio improved, our communications with citizens:
If, while on patrol, it is necessary to take a second look at something , what method of patrol would you use?
Regarding lane selection, the _______ on the roadway lends itself to effective observation of on-coming traffic.
lane nearest to the center
In the _____ pattern of patrol, the patrol car is driven from the outside of the beat in circles toward the center of the beat, or vice versa.
Which of the following best describes the advantages of motorcycle patrol?
quick response, and effective in traffic law enforcement
Which of the following best describes the advantages of automobile patrol?
O B. mobility
O C. officer protection
* D. all of the above
Which of the following best describes the two-officer method patrol?
greater safety factor and can be used as training aid for correction of officers mistakes
One of the hazards a peace officer may encounter while on patrol is the problem of suspect's hands. Regarding this problem, which of the following best applies?
demand suspect to place hands in front of him/her and turn palms up
O B. if hands are already in pockets, do not allow removal
O C. situational discretion is needed-have suspect turn head away and lie on ground before checking for a weapon
* D. all of the above
________ patrol is characterized by varying patrol patterns and the maintenance of high visibility.
Which of the following is not an objective of patrol?
to regulate criminal conduct by maintaining a good community relations
Which of the following elements of beat characteristics should an officer know early on is his/her assignment?
area and its socioeconomic characteristics
O B. geographic characteristics
O C. crimes committed in the area
*D. all of the above
As a patrol officer, your knowledge of your assigned beat is important because it:
increases the probability of on-site arrest and officer safety
Which of the following statements concerning the patrol aspect of police work is least correct?
the actions of patrol officers are seldom noticed by the public
Of the following, which would be the least likely to provide effective cover?
A characteristic of apprehension patrol tactics is:
low visibility
Of the following modes of patrol, which generally offers the quicker response and apprehension capability?
automobile patrol
The basic objectives of patrol are the prevention of crime, protection of life and property, and
preservation of peace
A good general rule of procedure for any officer taking police action in a one-person patrol unit is to:
notify communications
An automobile patrol, when conferencing with another patrol, an officer should:
park where he can readily be seen
There are three basic patrol patterns. These are:
double-back, random, and circular
The basic unit in the police effort is:
Which of the following is a common emotional reaction to trauma?
O B. disbelief
O C. denial
*D. all of the above
"An event that is outside the range of usual human experiences and that would be markedly distressing to anyone" is the definition of:
traumatic stress
Most people find some type of benign _____ _____ useful in dealing with trauma.
outside intervention
Long term stress or crisis reactions may be exacerbated or mitigated by the actions or others. When such reactions are sensed to be negative, whether or not they were intentional, the actions of others are called the "______ ______".
secondary assault
During the honeymoon phase of the cycle of violence, the batterer may become apologetic to the victim. When this happens, the effect on the victim is that ______.
her hope is reinforced that the relationship can be good and happy again, yet she still knows in the back of her mind that he is still in control of her
With the cycle of violence, over a period of time, the ____ phase often becomes shorter, and is sometimes eliminated altogether.
A peace officer who has reason to believe that an offense involving family violence has occured shall make a written report to include_____.
the names of the suspect and complainant
O B. the date, time, and location of the incident
O C. any visible or reported injury
* D. all of the above
Consanguinity and affinity mean those individuals who are related by __________.
blood and marriage respectively
Sharon has filed an application for a protective order against her ex-husband. Unless otherwise specified, the court shall set a date and time for a hearing on the application no later than__ days after the application was filed.
Sharon's ex-husband , named in the application for a protective order in the above question, must be served notice of the date and time of his hearing within ___ hours, unless otherwise waived by him.
A protective order is effective for the period specified in the order, not to exceed _____.
twenty four months
Sue has filed an application for a protective order. If the court finds from the information contained in the application that there is an immediate clear ands present danger of family violence to Sue by the respondent, the court may enter a ______ order for the protection of Sue.
temporary ex parte
In a protective order (Section 71.11--TFC), the court may_______.
require the respondent to counsel with a social worker
Terrye started divorce proceedings against her husband by filing a petition for divorce. She feels that she needs a protective order so she is going to attempt to get one. The divorce is not yet final, so which of the orders listed below can a judge issue the remainder of the divorce proceedings?
divorce protective order
According to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, any peace officer may arrest, without warrant, persons who the peace officer has probable cause to believe have commited an assault resulting in bodily injury to another person and the peace officer:
has probable cause to believe that there is danger of further bodily injury in that person
What are the duties of a peace officer responding to faimily violence calls?
try to resolve the problem so you don't have to go back
O B. leave written notice to victims that explains victims' rights
O C. control the situation and make sure it is calm
* D. all of the above
______ is a legal term for diminished capacity and inability to tell right from wrong.
_____ means significantly sub-average intellectual functioning existing concurrently with deficits in adaptive behavior and origination in the development period before age 18.
mental retardation
______ individuals may show the same behavior as the antisocial but, these individuals have no awareness that what they do is wrong.
Hazardous materials incidents pose a significant threat to health. Of the following, which the most serious potential effect of a toxic spill?
There are some materials which pose significant health hazards regardless of the quantity involved. A primiary example is:
The study of the nature and actions poison is referred to as:
Every carrier hauling hazardous materials must have in the vehicle a _______.
shipping manifest
A situation in which a hazardous material is or may be released into the air is the definition of a /an:
hazardous material event
The least reliable in determining time of death is:
post mortem lividity
Most criminal cases are solved through ______.
The primary responsibility of a peace officer arriving at a crime scene is to:
care for the injured persons
Oral confessions may be admitted in court as evidence only if:
they are recorded by a competent operator, are accurate, and have not been altered
A person must be given the "Miranda" warning:
when the investigation begins to focus on him as a suspect
The questioning of a person who has no personal reason to withhold information and, may be expected to cooperate is an:
Which of the following is a reason for a search during the booking process?
inmate safety as well as officer safety
O B. security of the facility
O C. safeguard of prisoner's property
*D. all of the above
According to the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, a strip search may be conducted:
only when necessary to maintain security of the facility
When a problem arises with an uncooperative prisoner, it is best to ______.
maintain control over your emotions and ask for assistance
All except which one of the following are techniques for presenting effective testimony in court?
If an objection to a question is sustained by the judge, the witness ______.
may not answer the question
The first phase of all criminal trials is that in which:
the prosecution presents the evidence demonstrating the guilt of the defendant
Which of the following are reasons for case management?
to identify serious weaknesses in the case

to help assure that failure to prosecute is not due to lack of preparation or mistakes on officer's behalf
What is the value of a properly prepared case folder?
to prevent duplication of work
O B. to prove efficiency on the part of the officer and dept
O C. to be useful for review by prosecutor and grand jury
* D. all of the above
Why is properly prepared case file necessary?
assist in prosecution, allows prosecutor knowledge of officer's knowledge of the case
O B. review details with prosecution when filing charges
O C. review details with witnesses
* D. all of the above
All except which one of the following are goals of criminal investigation?
A. to determine if a crime has been committed
O B. to gather evidence that identifies the suspect and effect a legal arrest
* C. to assure that crime victims are not re victimized by the system
O D. to recover stolen property
Reasonable doubt is defined as______.
the standard used to determine the guilt or innocence of a person criminally charged
The lawful search for people or things useful in reconstructing a criminal act is referred to as:
criminal investigation
Liquid blood must be:
stored in a refrigerator
When accepting a weapon into evidence, you should:
not clean the weapon
When obtaining information from victims, complainants and witnesses, you should:
interview the victim in the same room that the crime occurred
At a crime scene you would obtain and record all pertinent information regarding the offense, time, date, location where they were when offense occurred, and:
record what was seen/heard
According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, an aquittal of the defendant exempts him from a second trial or a second prosecution for the same offense, however irregular the proceedings may have been. The exception to this is_________.
if it is discovered that the court in which he was tried had no jurisdiction
A person represented by legal counsel may in open court or by written instrument waive the right to be accused by indictment of any offense other than:
a capital felony
If a defendant wishes to waive his right to a trial by jury in a felony case, which of the following best applies?
If a person waives his right to a trial by jury in a felony case, and pleads guilty, the prosecution must introduce evidence into the record showing the guilt of the defendant.
No person shall be convicted of ______ except on the testimony of _____ witness(es) to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.
Senators and Representatives are privileged from arrest:
during sessions of the Legislature

going to and returning from the Legislature
A person is justified in using deadly force against another when and to the degree he reasonable believes the deadly force is immediately necessary to prevent the other's imminent commision of:
sexual assault
A person may not use force to resist an arrest or search that he knows is being made by a peace officer unless:
before the person offers any resistance, the peace officer uses or attempts to use greater force than is necessary to make the arrest or search
Jones has experienced several burglaries at his place of business during the last year. To prevent this, Jones rigs a shotgun with a trip wire to the front door of the business. An actor enters the building after close of business and is killed by a shotgun blast. Of the following, which is most correct regarding justification?
the use of a device to protect property under these circumstances is not justified
A peace officer may use deadly force to prevent an excape from custody if the force is justified in Ch. 9 and:
the officer reasonable believes the offense for which the arrest was made included the use of a deadly force

the officer reasonably beleives there is substantial risk that the person to be arrrested will cause serious bodily harm to another if arrest is delayed
Regarding the use of devices to protect property, such devices may be used:
if the device is not designed to cause serious bodily injury, and the actor believes the use of the device to be reasonable when he installs it

if the device is not designed to cause death, and the actor believes the use of the device to be reasonable when he installs it
A juvenile has committed Aggravated Assault (1st Felony). To be tried as an adult, the juvenile's age at the time of the offense must have been at least____ years.
Of the following, which offense is not included in offenses that a child may be sentenced to commitment for a term not to exceed 40 years?
When a child has been taken into custody by an officer, the officer will inform the parents, guradian, or custodian, and the office or official designated by the juvenile court of which of the following?
circumstances of the detention

action taken by police in the situation
Notification of juvenile rights must be given to:
A juvenile is taken into custody for his involvement in a criminal offense. The juvenile admits that he committed the offense and wishes to give a written statement. Which of the following is true?
the juvenile must have been mirandized by a magistrate prior to giving the statement

the statement must be signed by the juvenile in the presence of a magistrate with no law enforcemnt officer present unless requests by the magistrate for personal safety
Physical arousal associated with fight or flight cannot be prolonged indefinitely, eventually it will result in ______.
The normal human response to _____ follows a similar pattern called crisis reaction.
A proper death notiification should include:
having medical information about the person to be notified
O B. being prepared for the person to go into shock
O C. offering to make phone calls
*D. all of the above
A crime prevention security survey is:
an in-depth on-site examination of physical facility and surrounding property to identify crime risks and to offer recommendations which could reduce the risk
When conducting a security survey, a police officer should have a systematic approach to his recommendations, by utalizing the "three lines of defense" which include:
perimeter, building exterior, and building interior
When a police officer makes security recommendations to a building owner, he must:
after evaluating the security risks, make recommendations which are the most cost effective
When participating in the Operation Identification property marking program, citizens should engrave what personally applied number on their property?
their drivers license number
A citizen neighborhood watch volunteer coordinator best describes the neighborhood watch program as:
a neighborhood awareness program which increases more communications (about suspicious activity) between neighborhood and area law enforcement. During daily lifestyle functions, in order to reduce criminal opportunity and victimization.
Incorrect or incomplete sentences can confuse the reader and allow for misinterpretation of the peace officer's meaning. To convey the message clearly and efficiently, the officer should avoid using:
Passive voice, wordiness, double negatives
Which of the following is only a fragment of a sentence:
While driving down the road with my mother.
You, as a peace officer, are interviewing a male citizen who may have information about a recent crime. The man's arms are tighly crossed, his hands are gripping his upper arms in a white knuckled grip, and he makes very little eye contact. You might infer that this witness is:
lying or hiding information
On most stops, an officer should approach a violator's vehicle from the:
left rear
While speaking with the driver, you should position yourself:
slightly behind the driver's door
It may be necessary during a non-felony stop to instruct the driver to place his hands on:
the steering wheel
During a felony stop, the passengers n the vehicle would exit on:
all would exit on the driver's side
An officer should take a drivers license handed to him while it is still in the violator's wallet.
Upon approaching the violator's vehicle, the officer should:
have his gun hand free
A buyer's temporary cardboard license is valid for _____ days.
21 days
While in a pursuit an officer must consider the safety of the public, the officer, and the violator.
Considering the characteristics of professionalism, which one of the following statements best describes the professional police officer?
The police who strives to make his education a life-long learning process demonstrates the characteristics of a professional.