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measure of disorder


heat and energy conversion

1st Law of Thermodynamics

conservation of matter and energy

2nd Law of Thermodynamics

disorder increasing


source of matter and energy


no direction, purpose, or design


The gases, fluids, or other solids in contact with a moving object will produce _____ due to friction.

chemical, heat

Combustion is an example of _____ of _____ energy conversion.


A device that rotates coils of wire between magnets is called a _____.


Generators create electrical energy.

it is unusable

What happens to the energy that is "lost" from the generator?

First Law of Thermodynamics

Which law of science was in effect immediately after the sixth day of creation?

high entropy

After a metal object turns to dust (rust), it would have _____.


Science does not have an explanation for the origin of matter or energy.


Evolution requires that molecules and atoms will assemble themselves into _____ order.

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