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  1. continental army
  2. the second continental congress
  3. Abigail Adams
  4. Thomas Gage
  5. Sybil Ludington
  1. a rode more than 40 miles to warn Americans of a British Attack
  2. b John Adam's wife, she appealed to her husband to protect the rights of women. a member of the Daughters of Liberty
  3. c the American army during the American Revolution
  4. d british general during the revolution
  5. e after lexington and concord met in Philadelphia, formed an army, made George Washington commander in chief, created money called continentals, sent olive branch petition, declared independence,

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  1. Virginian, patriot, general, and president. Lived at Mount Vernon. Led the Revolutionary Army in the fight for independence. First President of the United States.
  2. colonists who wanted to stay with Britian and not declare independence
  3. governor of spanish louisiana, helped the Americans during the revolution by protecting New Orleans from the British and allowed the Americans to use the Mississippi river to ship supplies, once spain declared war on Britian, he helped capture a number of british towns
  4. german soldier who came to Valley Forge, he was a well trained soldier and helped better train the Americans
  5. led the continental army in the south

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  1. Nathan Halea teacher who was an American spy during the revolution, was captured and hanged by the British, said "I regret that I have but 1 life to lose for my country."


  2. Benjamin Franklincontinental army officer who later became a traitor and worked for the British during the Revolutionary War


  3. Articles of confederationan attack by british troops that caused great losses for the Americans


  4. Thomas Painebritish general during the revolution


  5. The Battle for Savannahreally 2 battle that happened over 3 weeks, first major battle the British lost was a turning point in the war, because it finally looked like the Americans could win.