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  1. The Battle for Savannah
  2. Benjamin Franklin
  3. Valley Forge
  4. patriots
  5. Thomas Paine
  1. a American patriot, writer, printer, and inventor. During the Revolutionary War he persuaded the French to help the colonists.
  2. b Savannah was Britian's first target in the south. The British won the battle
  3. c colonists who supported the cause of independence
  4. d a winter camp used by the continental army during the winter of 1777, because of the Articles of Confederation congress did not have the money to send supplies for the army, conditions were very harsh, there was not enough food, clothing, and shoes
  5. e wrote common sense

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  1. an attack by british troops that caused great losses for the Americans
  2. rode more than 40 miles to warn Americans of a British Attack
  3. was called Molly Pitcher because she carried fresh water to the soldiers, when her husband was injured she took his place loading the cannons
  4. in south carolina, proved the Americans could defeat the British in the South
  5. the American army during the American Revolution

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  1. the battle of saratogaSavannah was Britian's first target in the south. The British won the battle


  2. Hessiansmercenaries(hired soldiers) from Germany who fought for the British during the American Revolution


  3. the battle of bunker hillreally 2 battle that happened over 3 weeks, first major battle the British lost was a turning point in the war, because it finally looked like the Americans could win.


  4. Marquis de Lafayettea french man came to Valley Forge to help the Americans, he spent his own money to buy supplies for the American troops at valley forge the french agreed to help the colonists officially after the battle of saratoga.


  5. Nathanael Greeneled the continental army in the south