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  1. Sybil Ludington
  2. King George III
  3. Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley
  4. Guilford Courthouse
  5. Abigail Adams
  1. a John Adam's wife, she appealed to her husband to protect the rights of women. a member of the Daughters of Liberty
  2. b the British won but were severely weakened, showed the british could not win the war because no one city or town was the heart of America
  3. c was called Molly Pitcher because she carried fresh water to the soldiers, when her husband was injured she took his place loading the cannons
  4. d rode more than 40 miles to warn Americans of a British Attack
  5. e king of england at the time of the American Revolution

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  1. continental army officer who later became a traitor and worked for the British during the Revolutionary War
  2. mercenaries(hired soldiers) from Germany who fought for the British during the American Revolution
  3. a french man came to Valley Forge to help the Americans, he spent his own money to buy supplies for the American troops at valley forge the french agreed to help the colonists officially after the battle of saratoga.
  4. in south carolina, proved the Americans could defeat the British in the South
  5. traveled from the country of Poland to fight with the Americans during the revolution he designed the American Fort at West Point

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  1. Declaration of IndependenceAmerican patriot, writer, printer, and inventor. During the Revolutionary War he persuaded the French to help the colonists.


  2. the battle of saratogaSavannah was Britian's first target in the south. The British won the battle


  3. Battle of Long Islandan attack by british troops that caused great losses for the Americans


  4. Valley Forgebritish general during the revolution


  5. george washingtonGeorge Washington's wife