13 terms

the heart continued for lecture test 2

what is the rough wall in the atria called
what are the conductive systems of the heart
SA node, internodal pathways, AV node, AV bundle, perkinje fibers
what does SA node mean
Sinoatrial node
What does AV node mean
Atrioventricular node
what is the known as the pacemaker of the heart
SA Node
what has to do with the sinus rhythym
SA node
which node is slow, and causes the last portions of the atria to be depolarized
AV node
what is the slowness in the AV node due to
AV nodal fibers are small, fewer gap junctions, more embryonic type of cells in fibers
more embryonic type of cells in fibers has to do with...
junctional rhythym
Is the atria intrinsically faster than the ventricles
Right and left bundle branches refer to
the bundle of his
what is another name for AV bundle
bundle of his
which fibers are fast