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desired yield / original yield

scaling factor based on yield

original amount * scaling factor

new ingredient amounts in scaled recipes

ep quantity / ap quantity

yield percentage

ep quantity / yield percentage

as-purchased quantity

ap quantity * yield percentage

edible-portion quantity

desired yield / total baker's percentage

weight of main ingredient based on desired yield

weight of main ingredient * baker's percentage

weight of an ingredient in a formula

weight of ingredient / weight of main ingredient

baker's percentage

ap cost / number of units

as-purchased unit cost

ap unit cost / yield percentage

edible-portion unit cost

as cost / menu price

menu-item food cost percentage

total food costs / total food sales

overall food cost percentage

as cost / target food cost percentage

target price (food or beverage)

as cost / menu-item food cost percentage

menu price (food or beverage)

number of units * ap unit cost

inventory value

beginning inventory value + food and beverage purchases - ending inventory value

cost of goods sold

total revenue - total expenses


original revenue * (100% + percent increase)

new revenue

(new revenue - original revenue) / original revenue

percent increase

total revenue - cost of goods sold

gross profit

gross profit - operating expenses

net profit

fixed expenses / (100% - variable expense percentage)

break-even point

fixed expenses + (total revenue * variable expense percentage)

total expenses (estimate)

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