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Name the Cowboys legend who served as head coach for the team's first 29 years
Tom Landry
What year was the Cowboys' first season in the NFL?
How many stars are on the DCC uniform?
Who is the commissioner of the NFL?
Roger Goodell
How many yards are in a NFL end zone?
10 yards
Where is the Hall of Fame Headquarters?
Canton, Ohio
How many home games in the season?
10 including preseason, 8 without
How many pre-season games?
5 (including Hall of Fame Game)
How many regular season games?
Name one country that borders Iraq?
France, Spain, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederacy, USA

Syria, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, and Saudia Arabia
Commander in Chief?
Donald J. Trump
President Trump is the __ President of the US?
Maximum number of downs to achieve first down?
Former Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman
Governor of Texas?
Greg Abbott
Number of Cowboys Super Bowls?
Number of Super Bowl Wins? Years?
5 (71, 77, 92, 93, 95)
Speaker of the House?
Paul Ryan, R-WI
Location of Super Bowl LII (52) in 2018?
U.S. Bank Stadium - Minneapolis, MN
Who won Super Bowl LI (51) in 2017 and who did they defeat?
New England Patriots
How many points for a touchdown?
How many points for a field goal?
How many points for a safety? Also known as?
2 - Two Point Conversion
2017 Academy Award Winner for Best Picture?
Name the three stadiums that the Cowboys have called home
Cotton Bowl, Texas Stadium, and AT&T Stadium
How many yards does the Jerry-Tron span?
60 Yards
How many minutes are in a quarter?
15 Minutes
How many minutes is halftime?
12 Minutes
How many yards are on the field?
100 Yards
Who is the DCC founder?
Tex Schramm
Who was the first DCC Choreographer?
Texie Waterman
Who was the first DCC Director?
Suzanne Mitchell
Who managed the first DCC Squad?
Dee Brock
Number of DCC USO Tours to date
80+.... TBD
Newest Ring of Honor Inductee? Date?
Darren Woodson (Nov. 1, 2015)
Cowboys Stadium capacity?
80,000 people - expandable to 110,000 people
How much did it cost to build Cowboys Stadium?
$1.2 Billion
Entertainers that performed at the opening of Cowboys Stadium
George Strait and Reba McIntire
Who is the Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Opponent?
Red Skins
Date and opponent for the first 2017 pre-season home game?
Date and opponent for the first 2017 regular home game?
First line of the DCC Creed that hangs in the studio?
Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind
Dallas Cowboys TV Network is broadcast in which states?
Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, New Mexico
How many head coaches have the Cowboys had all-time?
Which head coaches won a Super Bowl?
Tom Landry ('71 & '77), Jimmy Johnson ('92 & '93), Barry Switzer ('95)
List all the Dallas Cowboys Head Coaches
Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, Chan Gailey, Dav Campo, Bill Parcels, Wade Phillips, Jason Garrett
What is the best selling NFL team produced publication?
Star Magazine
Who is the NFL all-time leading rusher?
Emmitt Smith
Who is the US Secretary of State?
John Kerry
Who is the Attorney General of the US?
Sally Yates/TBD
Who is the Lieutenant Governor of Texas?
Dan Patrick
Texas' current US Senators
John Cornyn and Ted Cruz
Who is the Mayor of Dallas?
Mike Rawlings
Who is the Mayor of Arlington?
Jeff Williams
Who is the Mayor of Frisco?
Maher Maso
Know the stadium's entrances and parking lots
Study Map- Get map from Brennan
Defensive Coordinator of the Cowboys
Rod Marinelli
Offensive Coordinator of the Cowboys
Scott Linehan
Special Teams Coordinator of the Cowboys
Rich Bisaccia
Best New Artist Winner at the 2017 Grammy's
Chance the Rapper
Album of the Year at the 2017 Grammy's
Record of the year Winner at the 2017 Grammy's
Hello- Adele
Song of the Year Winner at the 2017 Grammy's
Hello- Adele
Best Country Album Winner at the 2017 Grammy's
A Sailor's Guide to Earth- Sturgill Simpson
2017 Oscar Best Actor
Casey Affleck
2017 Oscar Best Actress
Emma Stone
2017 Oscar Best Director
Damien Chazelle
Be up to date on NFL cheerleader lawsuits
Ask Brennan
What award did the American Legion present to the DCC in 2013?
The Distinguished Service award for work with the USO
When is the 2017 NFL Draft?
April 27-29: Insert Draft pics after
NFL Football Headquarters?
New York
What was the Ice Bowl?
1967 NFL championship (Cowboys vs. GB Packers- Coldest game on record: -13 degrees) GB Won
Super Bowl Trophy
Vince Lombardi Trophy
Number of luxury suites in cowboys stadium?
300? Ask Brennan
Cowboys Stadium opening year?
Weight of the Cowboys Stadium Video Board
600 Tons
Cost of the Cowboys Stadium Video Board (which is incidentally the cost of Texas Stadium)
$40 Million
Number of TV's in Cowboys Stadium?
3,000 TVs
Time it takes to open retractable roof in Cowboys Stadium?
12 Minutes
Time for doors to open?
18 Minutes
The roof was designed after what stadium?
Texas Stadium
How long do the arches stretch?
Quarter of a mile
What was December 16, 2008?
Cowboys vs. Ravens, last game played at Texas Stadium
Date of the Texas Stadium implosion?
April 11, 2010
Date of the ribbon cutting for AT&T Stadium?
May 27, 2009
What US landmark could fit inside of the stadium with the roof closed?
Statue of Liberty
What is the the total square footage of Cowboys Stadium?
3 Million Sq. Ft.
How far (positioning) across the field does the big screen stretch?
From the 20 Yard line to the other 20 Yard line (60 Yards Total)
What is the length of the stadium?
900 ft.
World's largest _________ free room
Upcoming events at Cowboys Stadium?
Research before auditions
What are the team's colors?
Blue, white, silver
What is the name of the new practice facility and where is it located?
The Star in Frisco, Texas
When was the grand opening of the Star?
August 22, 2016- Ask kitty
How much did The Star cost?
$1.5 Billion
Texas is known as the ____ ____ state
Lone Star
Texas State bird?
Texas State flower?
Texas State tree?
Pecan Tree
Texas State fruit?
Red Grapefruit
Texas State animal(s)?
Longhorn and Armadillo
Texas was _____ state inducted in _____
28th; 1845
Cowboys Stadium sponsors?
AT&T- Miller, Ford, Pepsi, Reliant, Dunkin, Albertsons
Who is Jerry Jones?
Owner, President, General Manager
Who is Stephen Jones?
JJ son, Executive VP, COO, Director of Player Personnel, President of AT&T Stadium
Who is Jerry Jones Jr.?
JJ son, Executive VP, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Who is Charlotte Jones Anderson?
JJ daughter, Executive VP, Chief Branding Officer, Chairman of NFL Foundation, President of DCC, Chairman of Salvation Army (2010-2014)
What NFL team do NOT have cheerleaders/dancers?
NY Giants, Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions
How long did Kelli Finglass cheer for and what year did she become director?
Cheered for 5 ('84-'89); director in 1991
How long did Judy Trammell cheer for and what year did she become choreographer?
Cheered for 4 ('80-'84); choreographer in 1991
What was the special award the DCC received in 1997?
USO "Spirit of Hope" award issued by Bob Hope
-Surprised Bob Hope's number of USO visits that year
Who is the former DCC that appeared on the Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, and is now a GMA correspondent?
Melissa Rycroft Strickland
Which former DCC won The Amazing Race?
Star Spangler
What are some of the shows that the DCC have appeared on?
Oprah, American Idol, Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader, America's Got Talent, The Today Show, etc.
What does Plie mean?
To bend
What does Chaine translate to?
Fuette is to ____
Coupe is to ____
Grande Battement is to _____
Passe is to _____
Pirouette is to ____ ___ ______
Turn in passe
Box Step aka _____ ________
Jazz Square
Chasse is to _______
Jete is to ______
Cake with the least amount of fat
Angel Food Cake
Fiber and Complex carbs
Whole grain
What is the worst and best type of fat?
Transfat is worst, Non-Saturated is best
What are some lean proteins?
Chicken, Fish, Egg Whites, Tuna, Beans, Turkey
Fruit and Veggie servings per day
Which is more lean: Turkey or Chicken?
When was DCC established? And what were they originally called?
Cowbelles & Beaux
What is the famous saying of the DCC?
"Often imitated, never equaled"
When did the first season of "DCC: Making the Team" air?
Who originally designed the DCC uniforms?
Paula Van Waggonor
How many times have the DCC uniform been modified?
Only 6 times since 1972
End Zone:
Area where the football team must enter with the football to score a touchdown
The team that has the ball and is trying to score
When a team crosses the opponent's goal line with the ball, catches a pass in the opponent's end zone, or recovers a loose ball in the opponent's end zone
Earns the team 6 points
When a ball carrier loses possession by dropping the ball of having it knocked away before a play ends; the first player to regain possession of the loose ball is said to make the recovery, and his team becomes the offense
A pass caught in the air (picked off) by a defender whose team immediately gains possession if the ball and becomes the offense
A play in which the opposing team has kicked the football into your end zone
When a ball carrier is tacked in his own end zone after bringing the ball there under his own power; the defense earns 2 points and receives a free kick fro the offense's own 20 yard line
The leader of a team's offense, he takes the snap from the center and either hands the ball to a running back to run with or passes it to a receiver or runs with it himself; he also communicates each play to his teammates
Running Back:
A back on the offensive team (fullback or halfback) who tries to advance the ball by carrying it on plays from the line of scrimmage
Wide Receiver
The wide receiver lines up on the line of scrimmage towards towards the sidelines and runs patterns in order to get open for a pass
Tight End
An offensive end who lines up close to the tackles
Offensive Tackle
The offensive tackles play on both of the guards outside, and their primary goal is to block on both running and passing plays
Offensive Guard
The two guards are the offensive linemen directly on either side of the center and inside the tackles
The position of the player on the line of scrimmage who puts the ball in play
The team that is trying to prevent the other team from scoring
Defensive End:
The player on the end of the defensive line who will try to sack the quarterback
Defensive Tackle:
Their job is to rush the passer or stop runs directed through the middle of the line of scrimmage
Nose Guard:
A player who lines up directly in front of the center that stops runs through the middle of the line of scrimmage, or, in rare occasions, charges through and sacks the QB
This is the defender who line up behind the defensive line and can either cover the running back or blitz the quarterback
Corner Backs:
Covers WDs and long pass patterns
Covers long pass patterns and long line of defense
First down is when they pass the first down lines, and fourth down is when you either have to punt the ball or GO FOR IT
A kick in which the football is dropped from the hands and kicked before it touches the ground
Field Goal:
A place kick that passes above the crossbar and between the uprights of the goalposts, earning the team that kicked it 3 points (one if they scored a touchdown, then kicked)
Kick Off:
A kick from the center of the field to start a football game or to resume it after a score
Fourth Down Conversion:
Where you do not make it past the first down line on fourth down, if this happens the defense gets the ball and starts where the line of scrimmage was
Two-Point Conversion:
Basically a touchdown after a touchdown that scores two points
The act of catching a pass in football
Out of Bounds:
The region of the field touching or outside the sidelines and end lines; as soon as a ball carrier or ball itself touches out of bounds, the play is over
Punishment for doing something wrong
How many Conference Championships?
Number of Playoff Appearances?
Who is your favorite current player? Favorite all time player?
Dak Prescott and Emmitt Smith
What are the two conferences within the NFL?
American and National Conference
How many divisions?
What league are the Cowboys in?
National League East
What teams are in the NFL NFC East Division?
Dallas Cowboys, Philly Eagles, NY Giants, & Washington Redskins
What are the teams in the whole NFC?
Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Redskins, Packers, Lions, Vikings, Bears, Falcons, Buccaneers, Saints, Panthers, Seahawks, Cardinals, Rams, & 49ers
What are the teams in the AFC?
Patriots, Dolphins, Bills, Jets, Steelers, Ravens, Bengals, Browns, Texans, Titans, Colts, Jaguars, Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos, & Chargers