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MEDTECH Electronic Health Records Ch 3

Ch 3 study questions
Which menu did you use to select the patient?
Which menu did you use to start a new encounter?
Where did you set the label "10 minute visit," which appeared in the title of the window?
Encounter Reason field or New Encounter Window
What does the abbreviation Sx represent?
What does the abbreviation Hx represent?
What does the abbreviation Px represent?
Physical Exam
What does the abbreviation Tx represent?
Tests (performed)
What does the abbreviation Dx represent?
Assessment (Diagnosis is also permitted.)
What does the abbreviation Rx represent?
Plan or Therapy (also ordered tests)
How did you invoke the Vital Signs Window?
Click the button labeled Forms on the Toolbar to invoke the Forms Manager window, click on the form name.
"from the Forms Manager"
How do you remove a finding?
Locate and click on underlined portion of the finding in the right pane and then click on the delete button located below the right pane.
If you click on a red or blue button of a finding that is already selected, you are asked if you want to delete the finding.
How did you invoke the Chief Complaint window?
The button labeled Chief on the Toolbar