"Reading Pali," Gair & Karunatillake, nominal paradigms, -a stems

32 terms by Larry_Rosenfeld

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SOURCE: This quiz is based on "A New Course in Reading Pali: Entering the Word of the Buddha," by James W. Gair & W.S. Karunatillake (1998/2005), pp. 4-5. SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL: An on-line class by Bhikkhu Bodhi using this text can be found at http://www.bodhimonastery.net/bm/programs/pali-class-online.html . NOTATION: This quiz uses the Velthuis method to represent Pali-specific letters. In short, for the Velthuis method, the following substitutions are made for Pali-specific di…

dhammo (case, number)

dhamma - nominative singular

dhamma.m (case, number)

dhamma - accusative singular

dhammassa (case, number)

dhamma - genitive or dative singular

dhammaaya (case, number)

dhamma - dative singular

dhammena (case, number)

dhamma - instrumental singular

dhammaa (case, number)

dhamma - ablative (1) or vocative (2) singular; or, nominative or vocative plural

dhammasmaa (case, number)

dhamma - ablative singular (2)

dhammamhaa (case, number)

dhamma - ablative singular (3)

dhamme (case, number)

dhamma - locative singular (1); or, accusative plural

dhammasmi.m (case, number)

dhamma - locative singular (2)

dhammamhi (case, number)

dhamma - locative singular (3)

dhamma (case, number)

dhamma - vocative singular (1)

dhammaana.m (case, number)

dhamma - genitive or dative plural

dhammehi (case, number)

dhamma - instrumental or ablative plural (1)

dhammebhi (case, number)

dhamma - instrumental or ablative plural (2)

dhammesu (case, number)

dhamma - locative plural

ruupa.m (case, number)

ruupa - nominative or accusative or vocative (2) singular

ruupassa (case, number)

ruupa - genitive or dative singular

ruupaaya (case, number)

ruupa - dative singular

ruupena (case, number)

ruupa - instrumental singular

ruupaa (case, number)

ruupa - ablative singular (1)

ruupasmaa (case, number)

ruupa - ablative singular (2)

ruupamhaa (case, number)

ruupa - ablative singular (3)

ruupe (case, number)

ruupa - locative singular (1)

ruupasmi.m (case, number)

ruupa - locative singular (2)

ruupamhi (case, number)

ruupa - locative singular (3)

ruupa (case, number)

ruupa - vocative singular (1)

ruupaani (case, number)

ruupa - nominative or accusative or vocative plural

ruupaana.m (case, number)

ruupa - genitive or dative plural

ruupehi (case, number)

ruupa - instrumental or ablative plural (1)

ruupebhi (case, number)

ruupa - instrumental or ablative plural (2)

ruupesu (case, number)

ruupa - locative plural

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