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Cosmetology State Board Examination

State Board Examination in Missouri
What civilization was the first to infuse essential oils from the leaves, bark, and blossoms of plants for use as perfumes and for purification purposes?
The Ancient ______ were the first to cultivate beauty in an extravagant fashion.
To achieve a look of greater intelligence during the Renaissance, women:
shaved their eyebrows and hairline
During the Middle Ages, women wore colored makeup on their:
In ancient Rome, haircolor was used by women to indicate:
class in society
Archaeologists believe that the practices of haircutting and hairstyling began sometime during the:
Ice Age
During the ______, women commonly used henna to add color to their lips and cheeks.
Egyptian Era
A _________ provides a connection between salons and their staff and the rest of the beauty industry by providing information about new products, new trends, and new techniques.
Distributor Sales Consultant
In order to get experience providing hairstyling services on film and TV sets, you should be prepared to _________ for a period of time.
To be a successful salon manager, you must have an aptitude for math and accounting and understand:
The curling iron was invented by:
Marcel Grateau
The innovator who produced and sold makeup to movie stars that would not cake or crack under hot movie lights was:
Max Factor
In 2003, _______ introduced the first consumer-oriented DVD to the professional salon industry in order to speak directly to the consumer.
Sebastion International
The individual credited with coining the term "day spa" is:
Noel DeCaprio
The beauty icon who turned the hairstyling world on its ear with revolutionary geometric cuts was:
Vidal Sassoon
Short-term goals are those goals that can generally be completed within one ______ or less.
Which of these terms refers to the moral principles by which we live and work?
Effective communicators usually have _____ caring personalities.
In order to be diplomatic, you should be assertive rather than:
It is recommended that you study during blocks of time that would otherwise be wasted, such as while:
sitting in the doctors office
When we pay attention to our natural ______, we can learn how to manage our time efficiently.
An unhealthy compulsion to do things perfectly is called:
The conscious act of planning your life instead of just letting things happen is described as having:
a game plan
The thing that propels you to do something is:
Putting off until tomorrow what you can do today is called:
Self-_________ involves knowing what you want to achieve and keeping yourself on track so that you do eventually achieve your goal.
Your clothing should always be stylish and:
An important aspect of professional image is:
physical presentation
The key to prevent repetitive motion injury is to be aware of:
body posture and movements
Behaving _______ includes having a genuine interest in your own day-to-day activities, as well as being concerned about and for others.
Your back and shoulders should be relaxed and ______ when you are providing client services.
Open-toed sandals are ______ footwear when working in a salon.
The science of how a workplace can best be designed for comfort, safety, efficiency, and productivity is:
The daily maintenance of cleanliness is:
personal hygiene
The impression you project through your outward appearance and conduct in the workplace is your:
professional image
Your posture and the way you walk and move are part of your:
physical presentation
People who create conflict wherever they go typically do so because they are feeling:
Step 6 of the 10-step consultation method is:
Determine the clients preferences
What is not a criteria to consider when suggesting hairstyle options for a client:
hair color
The ability to understand is ___ to the success of a cosmetologist.
To earn clients' _____ and loyalty, you should set aside a few minutes to take new clients on a quick tour of the salon, smile, and be yourself.
If a client requests a specific cut or color that she has seen on a celebrity, you should __________ explain whether the look is right for the client.
If you have clients who are habitually _____, it is recommended that you ask them to arrive earlier than their actual appointment time.
When you meet an older client for the first time, it is recommended that you address her with an _______, such as "Mrs. Smith".
it is best to avoid using _____ terms when conversing with clients.
As a cosmetologist, do not attempt to fulfill the role of _______, career guide, parental sounding board, and motivational coach for your clients.
If, during a discussion, a client is revealing increasingly personal details, it is recommended that you change the subject or ______ to help take her mind off of her troubles.
suggest a mini relaxation service
You should always be open and honest in all of your communications with coworkers, but you must also be ____ to circumstances in which being direct would be hurtful.
When you need to speak with your manager about an issue or problem, it is recommended that you _____________ beforehand.
think of possible solutions
The act of successfully sharing information between two people so that the information is understood is called:
effective communication
The document also known as a client questionnaire or consultation card is the:
intake form
The verbal communication also known as the needs assessment is the:
client consultation
Instead of the term "client", patrons of day spas are commonly called:
The term commonly used for patrons of medical spas is:
Cocci are bacteria that are:
round shaped
Which type of bacteria can cause strep throat or blood poisoning?
Bacteria that grow in pairs and can cause pneumonia are:
Lyme disease and syphilis are caused by spiral or corkscrew-shaped bacteria called:
In 2000, a bacteria called Mycobacterium fortuitum caused a client outbreak due to the failure of the practitioner to follow proper disinfection guidlines for:
whirlpool foot spas
Bacteria generally consist of an outer cell wall containing a liquid called:
The process whereby bacteria grow, reproduce, and divide into two new cells is:
binary fission
The presence of pus is a sign of:
bacterial infection
A _____ infection appears as a lesion containing pus and is confined to a particular part of the body.
Which of the following is a condition caused by an infestation of head lice?
pediculosis capitis
The ability of the body to destroy and resist infection is called:
Disinfectants used in salons must carry an:
Environmental Protection Agency
Which agency publishes the guidelines known as Universal Precautions?
A salon implement that accidentally comes in contact with blood or body fluids must be thoroughly cleaned and:
completely immersed in an EPA-registered disinfectant
Disinfectants with a high pH that can cause skin irritation or burn the skin or eyes are:
phenolic disinfectants
When washing your hands, you apply soap, lather and scrub your hands and under the free edges of nails with a nail brush for at least:
one minute
Antiseptics are effective for:
killing germs on the hands
Universal Precautions require employees to assume that human blood and body fluids are infectious for:
bloodborne pathogens
When disinfecting a whirlpool foot spa after use by a client, you must circulate the disinfectant for _________ or for the time recommended by the manufacturer.
10 minutes
You should clean a whirlpool foot spa and leave disinfectant solution in it overnight:
at least once a week
After cleaning and disinfecting a pipe-less foot spa at the end of the day, how should you dry it?
with a clean paper towel
Which form of hepatitis is the most difficult to kill on a surface?
hepatitis B
It is important to wear _______ while disinfecting nonelectrical implements.
Licensing, enforcement, and your conduct when you are working in the salon are regulated by _____ agencies.
Some ______ disinfectants are harmful to salon tools and equipment.
As a cosmetologist, you are _____ to recommend treatments for diseases.
not allowed
Cosmetologists are not allowed to trim or cut living skin around:
any part of the nail
Fungal infections are much more common on the _____ than on the hands.
A surface must be properly cleaned before it can be:
Sterilization is the most reliable means of:
infection control
If the label on a disinfection product includes the word concentrate, it means that the product must be:
diluted before use
Quat solutions are ________ disinfectants when used properly in the salon.
very effective
Using _______ bleach can damage metal and plastic.
too much
Fumigants are ___________ in salons because they produce potentially harmful formaldehyde gas.
no longer used
never let disinfectants such as phenols and quats come in contact with your:
Items that are _____ are also considered absorbent.
Salons should keep a ________ that identifies each time a piece of equipment is used, cleaned, disinfected, tested, and maintained.
There is no additive, powder, or tablet that eliminates the need for you to ______ equipment such as whirlpool spas.
clean and disinfect
Not having ________ available poses a health risk to anyone exposed to hazardous materials and violates federal and state regulations.
Antimicrobial and antibacterial soaps are _______ regular soaps or detergents.
no more effective than
The _________ include hand washing, wearing gloves, and properly handling and disposing of items that may have been contaminated by blood or other body fluids.
Universal Precautions
After they have been properly cleaned and disinfected, implements should be stored in a _________ container.
clean, covered
When cleaning and disinfecting a _____, remove the impeller, footplate, and any other removable parts according to the manufacturer's instructions.
pipe-less foot spa
At the end of every day, you should properly clean the nonwhirlpool foot basin or tub and then add the appropriate amount of disinfectant and let it soak for:
10 minutes
Before beginning any service, you should wash your hands using pump soap, water, and a:
clean, disinfected nail brush
Something caused by or capable of being transmitted by infection is called:
The one-celled microorganisms having both plant and animal characterisitcs are called:
The transmission of blood or body fluids through touching, kissing, coughing, sneezing, or talking is known as _______ transmission.
Transmission of blood or body fluids through contact with an ________, such as a razor or an environmental surface, is indirect transmission.
intermediate contaminated object
Various poisonous substances produced by some microorganisms are called:
A disease that is spread by contact from one person to another person is a:
contagious disease
A disease caused by pathogenic microorganisms that enter the body, and which may or may not be spread from one person to another person is an:
infectious disease
The scientific name for plantar warts is:
Any organism of microscopic to submicroscopic size is an:
The removal of potentially infectious materials on an item's surface and the removal of visible debris or residue is called:
A _________ disease affects teh body as a whole, often due to under- or over-functioning of internal glands or organs.
The determination of the nature of a disease from its symptoms and/or tests is a:
An ______ is a condition in which the body reacts to injury, irritation, or infection.
A parasitic disease is caused by:
A _____ is a submicroscopic particle that infects and resides in cells of biological organisms and is capable of replication only through taking over the host cell's reprodcutive function.
The virus that causes AIDS is:
Contact with nonintact skin, blood, body fluid, or other potentially infectious materials that is the result of the performance of an employee's duties is an:
exposure incident
The scientific name for barber's itch is:
tinea barbae
Organisms that grow, feed, and find shelter on or in another organism, while contributing nothing to the survival of that organisms, are:
The presence, or the reasonably anticipated presence, of potentially infectious materials on an item's surface or visible debris or residues is called:
The term _________ descrives a ringworrm fungus of the foot.
tinea pedis
A reaction due to extreme sensitiviy to certain foods, chemicals, or other normally harmless substances is an:
A _________ is produced by organisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.
pathogenic disease
Illnesses resulting from conditions associated with employment are:
occupational diseases
A __________ is an abnormal condition of all or part of the body, or its systems or organs, that makes the body incapable of functioning normally.
The basic unit of all living things is the:
The dense active protoplasm found in the center of the cell is:
Human cells reproduce by mitosis, dividing into two identical cells called:
daughter cells
The _____ is the protoplasm of a cell except for the protoplasm in the nucleus.
The chemical process through which cells are nourished and carry out their activities is called:
The constructive phase of metabolism is called:
Which type of tissue contracts and moves various parts of the body?
muscle tissue
Which type of tissue lines the heart and the digestive and respiratory organs?
epithelial tissue
The connection between two or more bones is called a:
The ________ is the larger of the two bones that form the leg below the knee.
The oval, bony case that protects the brain is the:
The maxillae bone form the:
upper jaw
The two bones that form the sides and crown of the cranium are the:
parietal bones
The inner and larger bone in the forearm, attached to the wrist and located on the side of the little finger is the:
The foot is made up of ___ bones
Which muscles are also known as the smooth muscles?
nonstriated muscles
The part of the muscle that does not move is the:
The broad muscle that covers the top of the head is the:
The ______ are the muscles that straighten the wrist, hand, and fingers to form a straight line.
The muscles at the base of the fingers that draw the fingers together are the:
The system of nerves that carries impulses or messages to and from the central nervous system is called the:
peripheral nervous system
Sensory nerve endings called _______ are located close to the surface of the skin.
The largest artery in the human body is the:
The main blood supply of the arms and hands are the:
ulnar and radial arteries
The popliteal artery supplies blood to the foot and divides into two separate arteries known as the:
anterior tibial and posterior tibial arteries
The ______ is the primary nasal muscle of concern to cosmetologists.
The mental nerve affects the skin of the:
lower lip and chin
The _____ cranial nerve is the chief motor nerve of the face.
The greater occipital nerve is located at the ______ of the head and affects the scalp as far up as teh top of the head.
The median nerve supplies impulses to the:
arm and hand
The deep peroneal nerve is located in the:
front of the leg
Valves are structures that temporarily close a passage or permit blood flow in:
only one direction
Deoxygenated blood flows from the body into the:
right atrium
White blood cells are also known as:
Blood ______ the body's temperature.
plays a role in equalizing
The ______ supplies blood to the muscles of the eye.
infraorbital artery
The _____ drains the tissue spaces of excess interstitial fluid.
lymphatic system
The _________ is a gland of the endocrine system that secretes enzyme-producing cells that are responsible for digesting carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
The ______ glands secrete about 30 steroid hormones and control metabolic processes of the body, including the fight-or-flight response.
Digestive _______ are chemicals that change certain types of food into a soluble form that can be used by the body.
The organ that controls the body is the:
The organs that control the body's vision are the:
The heart is the organ that circulates the body's:
The organs that excretes water and waste products are the:
The lungs supply ______ to the blood
The __________ is the organ that removes waste created by digestion.
The ______ covers the body and is the external protective coating.
The ______ system controls the steady movement of the blood through the body.
The _____ system changes food into nutrients and wastes.
The _____ system affects the growth, development, sexual functions, and health of the entire body.
The _______ system purifies the body by the elimination of waste matter.
The ______ system serves as a protective coating and helps regulate the body's temperature.
The ______ system protects the body from disease by developing immunities and destroying disease-causing toxins and bacteria.
The _______ system covers, shapes, and supports the skeleton tissue.
The ______ system controls and coordinates all other systems inside and outside of the body and makes them work harmoniously and efficiently.
The ______ system controls the processes by which plants and animals produce offspring.
Teh _____ system enables breathing, supplying the body with oxygen and eliminating carbon dioxide as a waste product.
The _____ system forms the physical foundation of the body.
The study of the human body structures that can be seen with the naked eye and how the body parts are organized is:
Physiology is the study of the functions and activities performed by the:
body's structure
The study of tiny structures found in living tissues is known as histology or:
microscopic anatomy
Neurology is the study of the structure, function, and pathology of the:
nervous system
The study of teh nature, structure, function, and diseases of the muscle is:
Osteology is the study of the anatomy, structure, and function of the:
A ________ is a physician who specializes in diseases and disorders of the skin, hair, and nails.
Healthy skin is:
smooth with a fine-grained texture
Adrenal glands are not ______ of the skin.
What are the layers of skin and fat from the outermost layer to the innermost layer?
epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous
Cells that are almost dead and pushed to the surface to replace cells are shed from the:
papillary layer
which type of tissue gives smoothness adn contour to the body and provides a protective cushion?
subcutaneous tissue
Which nerve fibers are distributed to the arrector pili muscles attached to the hair follicles?
motor nerve fibers
Nerves that regulate the secretion of perspiration and sebum are:
secretory nerve fibers
Basic sensations such as touch, pain, heat, cold, and pressure are registered by:
nerve endings
The amount and type of pigment produced by an individual is determined primarily by his or her:
Skin gets its strength, form, and flexibility from:
collagen and elastin
The sudoriferous glands do not:
secrete a lubricating substance
To keep your body healthy, you must be sure that what you eat:
regulates the function of your cells
Which vitamin accelerates the skin's healing processing and is vitally important in fighting the aging process?
Vitamin C
The epidermis is the _____ layer of the skin.
The scalp has larger and deeper ______ than the skin on the rest of the body.
hair follicles
It is ______ for a cosmetologist to completely remove a clients callus in the salon.
One of the best ways to follow a healthy diet is to read:
food labels
Emotional stress and hormones imbalances can increase the flow of:
To function correctly, the body needs:
carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water
The USDA recommends that people eat:
moderate amounts of salt and sugar
Vitamin pills are considered:
nutritional supplements
The appropriate amount of water that a person should drink each day is determined by the persons:
Lack of water is the principal cause of:
daytime fatigue
Small, cone-shaped elevations at the bottom of the hair follicles are:
dermal papillae
The layer of the epidermis where the process of skin cell shedding begins is the:
stratum spinosum
The coiled base of teh sudoriferous gland is known as the:
secretory coil
A small, round elevation on teh skin that contains no fluid but may develop pus is a:
Fatty tissue found below the dermis is _____ tissue.
An inflamed pimple containing pus is a:
The outer layer of the epidermis is the _____ layer.
The layer of the epidermis that is composed of cells filled with keratin is the:
stratum granulosum
The coiled base of the sudoriferous gland is known as the:
secretory coil
A small, round elevation on the skin taht conatins no fluid but may develop pus is a:
Fatty tissue found below the dermis is _________ tissue.
An inflamed pimple containing pus is a:
The outer layer of the epidermis is the __________ layer.
The layer of the epidermis that is composed of cells filled with keratin is the:
stratum granulosum
A fatty or oily secretion that lubricates the skin and preservs the softness of the hair is:
The layer of the epidermis also known as the basal cell layer is the:
stratum germinativum
Approximately _______ percent of skin aging is caused by the rays of the sun.
It is recommended that you wear a broad-spectrum sunscree with an SPF of at least_____ on a daily basis.
A _____ is an abnormal rounded solid lump larger than a papule and located above, within, or under the skin.
Which of these terms refers to thin dry or oily plates of epidermal flakes?
Keratin-filled cysts that appear just under the epidermis and have no visible opening are:
An open comedo is commonly known as a:
Which of these is an uncomfortable, and often chronic, disease of the skin, characterized by inflammation, scaling, and sometimes severe itching?
A ____ is an abnormal brown or wine-colored skin discoloration with a circular and irregular shape.
The absence of melanin pigment from thebody and skin sensitivity to lightare signs of:
What is the most dangerous type of skin cancer, often chracterized by black ordark brown patches on the skin that may appear uneven in texture, jagged, or riased?
malignant melanoma
A skin condition caused by inflammation of the sebacious glands is:
seborrheic dermatitis
The term ______ refers to an abnormal coloration that accompanies a skin disorder or systemic disorder.
A _____ is a type of skin keratoma.
Acne is a skin disorder characterized by chronic inflammation of the _____ gland.
Acne is affected by both genetic and _____ factors.
Noncomedogenic products are specifically designed not to clog the:
People have _______ over the extrinsic factors that affect aging, but not the intrinsic factors.
considerable control
The best defense against pollutants is to:
follow a good daily skin care routine
Irritant contact dermatitis occurs when irritating substances temporarily damage the:
A pustule is raised, inflamed pimple containing _____ in the top of the lession filled with sebum.
sebaceous cyst
Any flat spot or discoloration on the skin left after a pimple has healed is a:
Foul smelling perspiration caused by bacteria is:
A ____is a slightly raised mark on the skin formed after an injury or lesion of the skin has healed
The contagious bacterial skin infection characterized by weeping lesions is:
A _____ is an itchy, swollen lesion that lasts only a few hours.
A _______ is a crack in the skin that penetrates the dermis.
A small blister or sac containing clear fluid, lying within or just beneath the epidermis is a:
The acute inflammatory disorder of the sweat glands, characterized by the eruption of small red vesicles and accompanied by burning, itching skin is:
milaria rubra
A normal, healthy nail:
is shiny
The portion of the living skin on which the nail plate sits is called the:
nail bed
The ______ is the whitish, half-moon shape at the base of the nail.
the part of the nail plate that extneds over the tip of the finger or toe is the:
free edge
A _________ is a tough band of fibrous tissue tht connects bones or holds an organ in place.