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nasal button

What is the name of the item that is placed into the hole in a deviated septum as a repair without surgical grafting


What is the name of the surgical procedure for the reshaping of the nose


What is the name of the surgical procedure for the rearrangement of the nasal septum often used in patients with a deviated septum


This term means destruction by removing, usually by vaporization, chipping, or other erosive process such as laser or cutting


describes washing out of an organ


Which approach to treating nasal hemorrhage is most difficult to control

Transtracheal, Cricothyroid

The two different approaches that can be used to perform a tracheostomy


Removal of two lobes of a lung


What arteries feed the heart

tricuspid, aortic,mitral,pulmonary

What are the four cardiac valves

patient event recorder or (loop)

The name of the device that can be surgically implanted into the subcutaneous tissue in the upper left quadrant with leads running outside the body to record heart rhythms when the patient depresses a buttom

epicardial, transvenous

The two approaches used to insert devices that electrically shock the heart into regular rhythm

pacemaker, cardioverter-defibrillator

The names of the two devices that are inserted into the body to electrically shock the heart into regular rhythm

internally, externally

Codes for excision of cardiac tumors are divided based on whether the tumor is located


The term that describes the procedure in which the surgeon withdraws fluid from the pericardial space by means of a needle inserted into the space

contrast material

Complete the sentence, procedures that are included in a vascular injection are local anesthesia, catheter introduction, and injection of


A mass of undissolved matter in the blood that is transported by the blood current

irreversible ischemia

When a heart artery is clogged and the heart muscle dies, the condition is called

reversible ischemia

When a heart artery is clogged and the heart muscle performs at a low level as a result of a lack of blood


When you bill for E/M services unrelated to a pacemaker implantation during the allowable follow-up days, what modifier would you use on the code to alert third-party payer

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