Civil Rights Review/Study Guide


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who founded the black panther party
bobby seale and huey newton
Kerner commission named this as the primary reason for urban violence in late 1960s
white racism
challenged in recent years, this was a result of the civil rights movement
affirmative action
what racial group was not segregated according to the aparteid
eliminated voter literacy tests
1965 voting rights act
established equal opportunity commission, and prohibited discrimination
1964 civil rights act
made it a crime to harm civil rights leaders
1968 civil rights act
established civil rights division in the justice department
1957 civil rights act
jim crow laws
laws aiming to separate the races
first organized movement to fight segregation
bus boycott
who said to love ones enemys
resist oppression without violence
who said civil disobedience
henry david thoreau
who said to order mass demonstrations
A. Phillip Randolph
these were done to bring awareness to lack of enforcement of the morgan v virginia decision
freedom rides
black panthers believed in this chinese communist
mao zedong
separate but equal is determined as not a violation of the 14th amendment
plessy v ferguson
why did african americans move north
for industrial jobs, and to escape de jure segregation
why did african americans have trouble with jobs in the north
it was competitive and de facto segregation
how did WWII prompt the beginnings of a civil rights movement
white soldiers were gone, african americans, latinos, and white women filled the jobs and would not give them up once the war was over
how many african americans served in WWII
one million
because of their help the war, african americans felt this:
their sacrifices entitled them to equal rights back home
he led the NAACP
charles hamilton houston
morgan vs virginia
banned segregation on interstate buses
sweat vs painter
schools must admit black applicants no matter what
effect of brown vs board of education
banned segregation in schools, stating its a violation of the 14th amendment affected over 12 mil kids in over 21 states
states that rejected the brown decision
georgia and mississippi
governor of arkansas
orval faubus
the bus boycott lasted for this many days
MLKs philosophy of nonviolent refusal to obey unjust laws
soul force
southern christian leadership conference
why were sit ins effective
media coverage spurred imitation
who was the main group that did sit ins
the SNCC (student nonviolent coordinating committee
who organized interstate bus routes
what supreme court decision spurred freedom rides
morgan v virginia
what were freedom rides
two buses from DC to Mississippi
location of bus attacks
anniston, alabama
which governor refused to let james meredith enroll at ole miss
ross barnett
which town was considered the most segregated city in the nation
who was the police commissioner of birmingham
eugene bull conner
what 3 things convinced JFK that a new civil rights act was crucial to end racial violence
protests, negative media, and economic boycotts
location of the i have a dream speech
lincoln memorial
an effort to register as many african americans possible for voting
freedom summer
which groups were the head of freedom summer
what does MFDO stand for
mississippi freedom democratic party
what two groups did LBJ make a compromise with
what made african americans feel betrayed
the compromise that LBJ made with two certain groups
who started the selma campaign
what was the purpose of the selma campaign
to combat voting rights segregation
watts riot
34 deaths in LA
watts riot caused 40 mil damage but funding had to go towards what
the vietnam war
malcolm x believed in this
armed self defense, ballots over bullets
where did the black panthers originate
oakland, california
which group was the biggest threat to national security
black panthers
who assassinated MLK
james earl ray
where did james earl ray shoot MLK
balcony of Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN
who shot Bobby Kennedy
sirhan sirhan