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heart,pericardium,arteries, and veins

The two subheadings within the Cardiovascular System subsection


Procedures that break the skin for correction or examination


Procedures that do not break the skin


the subspecialty of internal medicine that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of the heart

medicine, radiology, surgery

chapter 7 u learned about coding from which three sections of the CPT

selective catheter

A catheter that is inserted into an artery and manipulated to a futher order is

nonselective catheter

is inserted into an artery and not manipulated to a futher order


surgical procedures in the heart and pericardium subheading contain procedures that are performed thru both open surgical sites and

nuclear cardiology

the use of radioactive radiologic procedures to aid in the diagnosis of cardiologic conditions


The study of the heart's electrical system

displacement therapy

the name of the therapy in which the physician flushes saline solution into the sinuses to remove mucus or pus

anatomic site

The respiratory system subsection is arranged by

endoscopic procedure

The procedure in which a scope is placed through a small incision and into a body cavity


When coding endoscopic procedures you must be certain to code to the fullest


If more than one distinct procedure was performed during an endoscopic procedure, what modifier would you add to the lesser-priced service


What type of endoscopy is always bundled into a surgical endoscopy


A laryngoscopy is performed when a physician uses a tongue depressor to hold the tongue down and view the epiglottis with a mirror


A laryngoscopy is performed when the endoscope is passed into the larynx and the physician can look at the larynx through a scope


When coding a nasal abscess or a nasal biopsy of the skin using the external approach, you use codes from what system


When coding a nasal abscess or a nasal biopsy using the internal approach, you use codes from what system

inferior, middle, superior

What are the three sections of turbinates

ear, nose, throat

An otorhinolaryngologist is a physician who specializes in treating conditions of


If bilateral destruction of maxillary sinuses is performed, what modifier would you use

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