FAM Section 11

How must a crewmember wear their ID badge while in a secured are
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a cabin search is defined bya physical search of accessible interior compartments of the aircraft for items that do not belongif a cabin disturbance occurs that is considered a threat to the safety of the aircraft or its occupants the flight attendant shall communicate the situation immediately to the pilots via the inter phone, using an emergency call , pilots shallfollow threat level guidance for appropriate actionname the first 5 steps if a bomb is locatedDo not touch unless directed by captain, notify the captain with emergency call, describe the device and location in writing, slide paper through flight deck door, customers shall be relocated at least 4 rows from the bomb, determine if can be removed if directed by captainif threatened with flammable liquidnotify capatin using emergency call, if still occurs cover the affected area with wet blankets, do not pour non flammable liquid. If ignition occurs, use the halon extinguisher and floww firefighting procedures outlined in section 8, emergency, abnormal procedures, to prevent re ignition, cover area with wet blankets.What is the mission of the four threat levelsdefend he flight deck at all costs!, use appropriate measurers and available resources to thwart any attempted highjack and protect lives in the customer cabinlist the threat levelsdisruptive behavior, physically abusive behavior, life threatening behavior, attempted or actual breach of flight decka level one threat is defined asirration behavior, abusive language , verbal harassment , intoxication, THREATS, POINTEDLY, DEFIANT ACTS OR BODY LANGUAGE, UNRESPONSIVE TO INSTRUCTIONS.A LEVEL TWO THREAT IS DEFINED ASMAY INCLUDE PUSHIG, KICKING HITTING GRABBING, TRIPPING, INAPPROPRIATE TOUCHING, DAMAGE PROPERTYLEVEL THREEWEAPON DISPLACED USED , CREDIBLE TERRORIST THREATS, CREDIBLE BOMB THREATS, USE OF BOMBS, SABOTAGE OF AC SYSTEMS, CREDIBLE THREATS OF HIGHJACKING, OR DEADLY HAND TO HAND TECHNIQUES SUCH AS CHOCKING OR EYE GOUCHING