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MHS - Stewart - English II PreAP - Lit Terms(4)

multiple meanings
The force in conflict with the protagonist, may be society, nature, fate, self, or another person
a theme, motif, symbol, or stock character that holds a familiar and fixed place in a culture's consciousness
a broad parody, one that takes a style or a form, and exaggerates it into ridiculousness
the moment of highest tension, at which the conflict comes to a head
deus ex machina
Literally "god from the machine." This is a plot device in which a person or thing appears "out of the blue" to help a character to overcome a seemingly insolvable difficulty.
poem meditating on death or mortality seriously
introduces the setting, characters, and basic situation
flat character
Not fully developed, we only know one side of the character
pride--the most common character flaw of tragic character
difference between what might be expected and what actually happens
mixed metaphor
a combination of metaphors that produces a confused or contradictory image ex: "the company's collapse left a mountain of debt in its wake"
omniscient narration
the narrator knows all of the actions, feelings, and motivations of all of the characters.
a humorous and often satirical imitation of the style or particular work of another author
point of view
mental position from which things are viewed
rhetorical modes-argumentation
presenting reasoning and argument to convince the reader
study of the history, meanings, and relationships of words
stream-of-consciousness narration
the narrator conveys a subject's thoughts, impressions, and perceptions exactly as they occur, often in disjointed fashion and without the logic and grammar of typical speech and writing
a form of metonymy in which a part of an entity is used to refer to the whole ex: "my wheels" for "my car"
a word or phrase that links different ideas