14 terms

Tort Law revision Two

abnormally dangerous activity
ultra hasardous activity, inappropriate for the place; with possible injury or damage regardless of the care degree
slander of quality
trade libel, unprivileged publication of false matter undermining the characteristics of property as unfit for purposes of sale or lease
actual fraud
intentional criminal deception to induce another to part with smth of value or to surrender a legal right
punitive damages
exemplary damages awarded to punish the defendant
comparative negligence
apportioning damages between the plaintiff and the defendant according to the relative degree of each
proximate cause
immediate ground, closet in relation reason
aggravated damages
damages awarded in recognition of the seriousness of an offence
a breach of duty towards other people
malicious motive
purpose intending to do harm
an action or situation interfering with sb's rights and freedom a person is entitled to
defamation in a permanent form; written or printed disparaging statement
constructive fraud
some act, words or omissions misleading or deceiving someone or violating a confidence
special damages
indirect losses caused by the fraud that are foreseeable
unwelcome intrusion