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  1. rests on the basilar membrane
  2. the egg shaped central part of the inner ear; located next to the stapes; important for maintaining static equilibrium.
  3. continuous with the vestibule; filled with fluid needed for balance and dynamic equilibrium.
  4. divisions of the bony labyrinth
  5. gelatinous membrane that has receptor cells in it
  1. a
  2. b
    organ of corti (the entire pic)
  3. c
    semicircular canals
  4. d the tectorial membrane
  5. e vestibule, semi-circular canals, the cochlea

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  1. earwax
  2. labyrinth
  3. pressure valve
  4. semicircular canals
  5. cranial nerve VIII/vesitbularcochlear nerve

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  1. mass that covers a group of receptors on cristaevestibule


  2. found in the middle ear
    the ossicles (malleous, incus and stapes)


  3. receives vibrations of sound wavestympanic membrane


  4. equalizes pressure on both sides of the tympanic membran
    the ampulla (pic: top right)


  5. transmits sound waves to the middle earsemicircular canals


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