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  1. snail-shaped structures; contains auditory fluids
  2. receptor cells
  3. series of sacs and tubes found within the bony labyrinth
  4. type of equilibrium that vestibule is responsible for
  5. the channel above the bony partition and ends at the oval window is the.
  1. a hair cells
  2. b
  3. c scala vestibuli
  4. d static
  5. e membranous labyrinth

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  1. tympanic membrane
  2. round window
  3. ampulla

  4. basilar and vestibular

  5. cupula

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  1. small elevations within the ampullaecristae


  2. small elevations in the ampullacristae


  3. mass that covers a group of receptors on cristaevestibule


  4. rests on the basilar membrane
    the ossicles (malleous, incus and stapes)


  5. where the middle ear extendsoval window