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  1. canals that are located in the labyrinth
  2. egg shaped portion of the bony labyrinth
  3. divisions of the bony labyrinth
  4. fluid within the scala media
  5. converts sound wave vibrations into nerve impulses and is a spiral organ that rests on the basilar membrane.
  1. a vestibule, semi-circular canals, the cochlea
  2. b vestibule
  3. c
    organ of corti (it is the organ of hearing) (pic: top left)
  4. d endolymph
  5. e the bony labyrinth and the membranous labyrinth

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  1. pinna/auricle, external auditory canal/auditory meatus, tympanic membrane/eardrum
  2. dynamic equilibrium
  3. cupula
  4. hair and ceruminous glands/wax
  5. dynamic equilibrium

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  1. membrane that separates the scala media from the scala tympani.
    basilar membrane


  2. fluid within the bony labyrinthperilymph


  3. where the middle ear extendsround window


  4. functions as a pressure valve in the earhearing


  5. the inner ear
    labyrinth (because it's complicated series of canals)