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  1. carries nerve impulses to the brain
  2. continuous with the vestibule; filled with fluid needed for balance and dynamic equilibrium.
  3. function of the round window
  4. snail-shaped structures; contains auditory fluids
  5. fluid within the scala media
  1. a
    vestibularcochlear nerve (Cranial Nerve VIII) (pic: top right)
  2. b endolymph
  3. c
    semicircular canals
  4. d
  5. e pressure valve

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  1. dynamic equilibrium

  2. basilar and vestibular
  3. malleous, incus, stapes
  4. utricle and saccule
  5. external, middle and inner ear

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  1. gelatinous membrane that has receptor cells in itthe tectorial membrane


  2. series of sacs and tubes found within the bony labyrinthmembranous labyrinth


  3. name the two canals within the labyrinthbony and membranous labyrinth


  4. converts sound wave vibrations into nerve impulses and is a spiral organ that rests on the basilar membrane.
    organ of corti (it is the organ of hearing) (pic: top left)


  5. found in the middle ear
    the ossicles (malleous, incus and stapes)