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  1. ossicle that is attached to the tympanic membrane
  2. where the middle ear extends
  3. small elevations within the ampullae
  4. stapes connects here
  5. swelling at one end of the membranous labyrinth
  1. a malleous
  2. b
  3. c eardrum to oval/round windows
  4. d ampulla
  5. e oval window

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  1. membranous labyrinth
  2. cristae
  3. scala tympani
  4. vestibule, semi-circular canals, the cochlea

  5. semicircular canals

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  1. cerumenearwax


  2. functions as a pressure valve in the earlabyrinth


  3. cranial nerve that has receptors for both hearing and equilibrium.cranial nerve VIII/vesitbularcochlear nerve


  4. semi-transparent membrane in the outer earlabyrinth


  5. membrane that separates the scala media from the scala vestibulivestibular membrane