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  1. sacs within the membranous labyrinth
  2. stimulates the receptors that are in the macula
  3. channel between scala tympani and scala vestibuli
  4. ossicles in the middle ear
  5. membrane that separates the scala media from the scala vestibuli
  1. a scala media/cochlear duct
  2. b
    utricle and saccule
  3. c vestibular membrane
  4. d malleous, incus, stapes
  5. e otoliths

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  1. tectoral
  2. oval window

  3. cupula
  4. hearing

  5. vestibule

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  1. small elevations in the ampullacristae


  2. what the outer ear consists ofeardrum to oval/round windows


  3. divisions of the bony labyrinthperilymph


  4. membranes in the cochlea that separate the scalasotoliths


  5. continuous with the vestibule; filled with fluid needed for balance and dynamic equilibrium.
    semicircular canals