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  1. type of equilibrium that vestibule is responsible for
  2. two sacs within the vestibule
  3. series of sacs and tubes found within the bony labyrinth
  4. mass that covers a group of receptors on cristae
  5. functions as a pressure valve in the ear
  1. a membranous labyrinth
  2. b
    round window
  3. c cupula
  4. d static
  5. e utricle and saccule

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  1. eustachian tube/pharyngotympanic tube
  2. tympanic membrane

  3. cristae
  4. hair cells
  5. the membranous labyrinth

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  1. the channel below the bony labyrinth and ends at the round window.scala tympani


  2. another name for the inner earlabyrinth


  3. three half circles within the inner earlabyrinth


  4. stapes connects here
    labyrinth (because it's complicated series of canals)


  5. swelling at one end of the membranous labyrinth
    the ampulla (pic: top right)


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