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A structure that is composed of two or more tissue types that work together to perform specific functions for the body is a(n)_____.


Protects underlying organs from environmental damage and synthesizes vitamin D.


Provides support and levers for muscles to pull.


Directly causes mechanical motion.


Responds to environmental changes by transmitting electrical impulses.


What does the principle of complementarity of structure and function mean?

Function reflects structure and structure determines function.

The average body temperature is ____ degrees centigrade.


An oblique cut is one that is cut ______.

diagonally between vertical and horizontal planes

Which of the following are subdivisions of anatomy?

regional, systemic, and surface

The anatomical position means the body is standing at attention with the palms facing forward and the thumbs pointing away from the body.


Used for changes in blood glucose levels.

Negative feedback

Used for changes in blood pressure.

Negative feedback

Used for blood clotting.

Positive feedback

Used for childbirth.

Positive feedback

Which life process in the body sustains all others?


Which level of structural organization is considered to be the highest level?


Which specific body cavity houses the heart and lungs?


It is important for any organism to maintain it's boundaries, so that it's internal environment remains distinct from the external environment that is surrounding it.


A good example of a positive feedback mechanism would be ____.

enhancement of labor contractions

The anatomical position is characterized by all of the following except _______.

palms turned posteriorly

Which one of the following systems responds fastest to environmental stimuli?


Which directional term is used to describe the relationship of the skin relative to the skeletal muscles?


Homeostasis is the condition in which the body maintains _______.

a relatively stable internal environment, within limits

What is the regional term for the hip region?


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