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The Fault In Our Stars Ch 6

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Because of Hazel´s illness somebody needs to go with her and Augustus to Amsterdam. What´s decided? P.92
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At dinner, Hazel is nervous and a little freaked out by the whole situation with Augustus. She finally bursts and tells her parents that she's like a "X". She gets all mopey and texts Augustus to tell him that she doesn't want to kiss him because.... She calls herself (a "X")? What is X? What does she mean by that? Why is she saying that?
"A Grenade" and
at some point, she's going to explode and injure everyone near her. She's afraid of what she'll put Augustus through. Those close to her will have to deal with the emotional trauma of her death and Hazel's struggling to come to terms with this knowledge. She finds herself in a paradox: She wants to be close to her parents and Augustus, but she doesn't want to hurt them.