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Total ultimate PJ thingie

Aunty Em's Garden Gnome Emporium

Medusa's lair, uncle ferdinand is found here


Percy's daddy, god of the seas, earthshaker, likes horses


Thalia's father, King of the gods, defeated Kronos

Thalia Grace

daughter of the lightning god

Mt Olympus

found above the empire state building, 600th floor

Grover Underwood

satyr, loves enchiladas, found pan

Percy Jackson

son of the earthshaker, likes annabeth


goddess of wisdom, sign is the owl

Annabeth Chase

daughter of goddess of war strategy, when seven was armed with hammer

Silena Beauregard

daughter of goddess of beauty, kronos's spy, dated Beckendorf


goddess of love and beauty, married to Hephaestus, dating Ares, mother of Eros


blacksmith god, likes automaton spiders

Charlie Beckendorf

Son of blacksmith god, liked Silena, blew up


a pegasus who kinda got attached 2 Percy....loves sugar cubes


evil guy, titan lord


wears tighty whities, bull dude, Percy defeats him in TLT (the lightning thief)

Zoe Nightshade

former leader of huntresses of Artemis, daughter of Atlas, betrayed by Heracles


daughter of ares, loves 2 beat up percy

Medea's 5000 SPF sunscreen

really high SPF sunscreen

Gabe Ugliano

ugly, fat , stepfather #1, A.K.A. the poker player

Paul Blofis

aka blowfish, stepfather #2, professor at Goode, real nice, lets Percy drive his car

Rachel Elizabeth Dare

"Do you always kill people when they blow their nose?"


former hunter, daughter of Hades


Bianca's little bro, son of Hades


god of dead peeps!!!!!!


Goddes of the harvest, loves cereal!

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