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What message is Edwards conveying in this sermon?

That God is keeping us on this Earth by a thread. If he stopped we would be in Hell

What is the main emotional appeal Edwards uses in his effort to move his congregation?

Fear and terror

Explain how Edward's purpose and message are persuasive. What does he want his listeners to do or think?

He wants the people to repent and turn to God so they can reach Heaven. He plays on people's fears

What does Edward seem to feel about those who maintain a "form of religion" or who seem "moral and strict"?

That they should be the ones most scared of God's wrath because they are hypocrites.

Why is it a good choice that Edwards chose terror as his emotional appeal?

Because he wanted his audience to be scared. He wanted them to fear the Lord so much that they had to follow Him

How does Edwards know his audience well?

Because he knew what they were thinking. He knew they would be scared so they would have to follow.

Why are the images of the destructive power of nature appropriate to Edward's message?

It helps you get more of an image and the fear rises.

in the opening paragraph what keeps sinners from falling into hell?

Because the mere pleasure of God holds them up.

According to Edwards, what do his listeners mistakenly feel keeps them from falling into hell?

They only care about themselves and superficial things. Not God.

What additional traits does Edwards attribute to God as the sermon progresses?

He shows God as angry, furious, but also magnificent. God is all powerful and angry. God has mad kindness.

Toward the end of the sermon, what does Edwards say sinners can obtain?

a happy state with God in Heaven where God will welcome them

What must sinners do to obtain Heaven?

By coming out of sin and following God.

What is the theme of "Sinners In the Hand of an Angry God"?

That God has the choice to free us or damn us to Hell. Also so others will repent.

In the Cabeza de Vaca narrative, what conflict in the party occurs immediately before the Native Americans begin to fall ill?

The Natives thought Cabeza and his men were mad at them. They thought this because they did not want to take Cabeza on the rest of the journey.

What do the Native Americans believe is the cause of the sickness?

It was a cause of not helping Cabeza and his men and the thoughts of the men. It was a punishment for not doing what they are told.

Why do the native people in the settled areas no longer plant corn?

because there was no rain in two years

What do the natives ask the spaniards to do to fix the drought?

to pray to the Lord

How did the Native Americans view the Spaniards?

They thought them God-like

In the Cardenas narrative, what natural feature are Cardenas and his men sent to explore?

the river and canyon

Why do you think Coronado sends the group on this mission?

because he wanted them to discover new things, to find natural resources, valuables, gold

How does the appearance of the river and the boulders from the top of the gorge differ from the reality close up?

Close up it was larger and far away it was smaller

In what ways do these differences in perspective affect the explorers?

It made them notice that the Native Americans were correct.

What is the theme of Boulders Taller Than The Great Tower of Seville

written account of the exploration of the grand canyon

What is a small summary of Boulder Taller Than The Great Tower of Seville

Cardenas and his men follow the directions of the Indians and find the Grand Canyon

A Journey Through Texas- theme

Exploring Texas with the intention of being noticed by esteemed Spaniards

A Journey Through Texas- summary

De Vaca wander around Texas with the help of Indians

What do the lords plant to commemorate their meeting?

The Tree of the Great Peace

What do the roots of the tree symbolize?

peace and strength

According to the Iroquois Constitution, what must confederate lords do to open a council meeting?

Express gratitude, greet the lords, and offer thanks to nature

What does the decree of opening a council meeting suggest about the Iroquois?

Conscious of the Great Creator and are thankful for everythin

Theme- Iroquois Constitution- Summary

sets standards for leaders, to respect nature, and what it is like to be an Iroquois

What happens to the young wife after the chief uproots the Great Tree?

she looks out the hole and sees water and falls down the hole

Why does the wife falling down the hole generate concern among the animals?

because she cant swim.

What actions do the animals take when they realize the wife of the chef cannot live in water?

They have to get Earth from under the water

What does the description of the muskrat stress about her physical qualities?

She was not as strong as the others

The Earth on Turtle's Back- theme

Creation of Earth, high respect for animals, and belief in the power of dreams, human achievement

Summary- The Earth on Turtle's back

wife fell down hole, muskrat saved by getting earth and putting it on turtles back

In the Modoc myth, what do the grizzly bears do that angers the Chief of the Sky Spirits?

too fierce. The bears created a new thing and he was the one to always create.

What does the Chief's reaction tell you about his character?

He is cocky

What punishment does the Chief of the Sky Spirits give the grizzlies?

walking on hands and feet, couldnt talk

What is the winds role in the Navajo ceremony?

create life.

Why might the Navajos seen wind as a source of life?

because they saw breath and you have to breathe to live.

What does the ceremony show about the Navajo attitudes toward order and ritual?

They keep rituals the same and they are very important to them.

Theme- When Grizzlies Walk Upright

creation of the Indian race, explanation of volcanoes

Summary- When Grizzlies Walk Upright

The chiefs daughter falls from a wind and intercourse with the grizzlies, creating Indians. Her father finds out and punishes the grizzlies.

Theme- Navajo Legend

Explains religious rituals and the creation of the first man and woman, the importance of corn

Summary- Navajo Legend

The gods and the people have wind, feathers, and corn to create the first people

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