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Chain of Command (US NAVY) 2013

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1- Commander In Chief
1- Honorable Barack Obama
2- Vice President
2- Honorable Joseph Biden
3- Secretary of Defense
3- Honorable Leon E. Panetta
4- Secretary of Navy
4- Honorable Raymond E. Mabus
5- Chief of Naval Operations
5- Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert
6- Master Chief Petty Oficer of the Navy
6- MCPON Michael Stevens
7- Chief of Naval Education and Training
7- Rear Adm. Donald P. Quinn
8- Naval Education and Training Command Force Master Chief Petty Officer
8- FMCPO April Beldo
9- Commander, Naval Service Training Command (CNSTC)
9- Rear Adm. David F. Steindl
10- Commanding Officer, Recruit Training Command (RTC)
10- Capt. John T. Dye
11- Command Master Chief, Naval Service Training Command
11- CMDCM Brian A. Hughes
12- Executive Officer, RTC
12- CMD Kathryn Scott
13- Military Training Director
13- CMD Darryl Neely
14- Fleet Commander
14- Learned Upon Arrival
15- Fleet Leading Chief Petty Officer
15- Learned Upon Arrival
16- Ship's Officer
16- Learned Upon Arrival
17- Ship's Leading Chief Petty Officer
17- Learned Upon Arrival
18- Recruit Division Commander
18- Learned Upon Arrival