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CAE Essential Phrasal Verbs


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cope with
I'm finding it hard to _______ _______ all the work I've got at the moment. I'm so stressed.
back up
I always _______ _____ my important photos onto a pen drive in cases I lose the original.
calling for
The public are ________ ________ (demanding) new elections as soon as possible.
called off
Unfortunately, the concert was _______ _______ (cancelled) because the band were ill.
come round
He always used to ________ ________ (visit) to my house after school when we were kids.
cluttered up
The front of his car is so __________ ________ (filled untidily) with MacDonald's boxes that you can't see the floor.
came across
I ________ _________ (found) my old CD collection while I was cleaning the attic, I'd completely forgotten about it.
up to
What are you ______ _____ tomorrow night? (doing)
act on
He gave me great advice but I didn't _____ _____ (follow) it and now look at the mess I'm in!
broken up
After the war Yugoslavia was _______ _______ (separated) into several different countries.
died out
The Dodo _______ ________ after pirates killed and ate them all.
fiddling with
Stop _______ _______ your pen, the noise is so annoying!
fit in
When I first started here I found it very difficult to _______ ________.
went off
A bomb _______ _______ in the city centre, miraculously no one was killed!
keeping up with
I'm having trouble _________ _________ _________ the amount of paperwork I have to do in my new job.
go for
When I go to a sushi restaurant I always ______ ______ the sashimi!
head for
If you get lost just _______ ________ the big red house at the bottom of the mountain.
deal with
I had to ________ ________ 10 complaints this morning, it was horrible, and all the people were so rude!
ended up
We took a wrong turn on the motorway and __________ _____ in the middle of nowhere!
drops off
My grandad sometimes________ _______ while we're having lunch at his house, it's quite funny!
drop out
My brother had to ______ _______ of the marathon after 15 miles because he injured his knee.

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