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Who's who of the Harlem Renaissance and Early 20th Century Music

Painter who detailed the experiences of the Great Migration through his painting series called "Migration"

Jacob Lawrence

Poet who wrote of the cultural roots of African Americans. His poems promoted equality, condemned racinsm and injustice and celebrated the African American spirit. Best known for "The Weary Blues".

Langston Hughes

Jazz composer and performer. "Mood Indigo" is one of most famous jazz compositions.

Duke Ellington

Jazz composer and performer. Known for singing "scat" and playing the trumpet. He is known for making jazz known across the United States.

Louis Armstrong

Blues singer known as the "Empress of the Blues". During the 1920s, she was the highest paid African American entertainer in the country.

Bessie Smith

Painter famous for her urban scenes and for her paintings of the Southwest. She is considered to be one of the greatest female artists of the 20th century.

Georgia O'Keeffe

Writer who wrote stories and novels of the "Jazz Age" of the 1920s. His most famous novel is "The Great Gatsby".

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Writer who wrote stories and novels about the working class and migrant workers during the Great Depression. His most famous novel is "The Grapes of Wrath".

John Steinbeck

Composer who developed an American style of classical music that included Jazz and folk music. Known for his symphonic work, "Fanfare for the Common Man".

Aaron Copland

Composer who was known for writing musical works and developing an American style of music that included jazz.. Best known for "Rhapsody in Blue".

George Gershwin

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