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What are 3 functions of the cell membrane?
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What is the function of a molecule of: carbohydratesidentificationWhat is the function of a molecule of: cholesteroladds strength to membraneWhat is the function of a molecule of: marker proteinindentificationWhat is the function of a molecule of: receptor proteinreceive signals(communication)What is the function of a molecule of: transport proteintransport moleculesThe cell membrane is...a barrier that separates a cell from the external environment, it controls what comes in and out of the cellCell membranes are composed of what?two phospholipid layersWhat is a phospholipid?a molecule composed of 3 basic parts, a charge phosphate group, glycerol, & 2 fatty acid chainsThe phosphate group and glycerol make up theheadThe fatty acids make up thetailThe head of the phospholipid forms what kind of bond with water molecules?a hydrogen bondFatty acids are _____________________and cannot form___________________with water.non polar...hydrogenThe molecules that make up a cell membrane arethe fluid mosaic modelWhat is transmitted across the cell membrane?Chemical signalsreceptorThis is a protein that detects a single molecule and performs an action in response. It recognizes and binds to only certain molecules, which ensure that the right cell gets the right signal at the right time.signalcombines with the receptorWhat are the basic components of a cell membrane?double layer of phospholipids cholesterol carbohydrates proteinsThe head of a phospholipid (polor)hydrophilicThe tail of a phospholipid (non polar)hydrophobiccholesterola lipid that strengthens the membraneCarbohydrateattached to membrane proteins and serve as identificationWhat is a transport protein?it regulates the movement of molecules across the membranetwo kinds of transport proteinscarrier and channelReceptor proteinsdetect signal molecules and perform an action in response3 parts of receptor proteinsreceptor, signal molecule, and responseMarker proteinidentify cells and often involve carbohydrate tags2 parts of marker proteins areprotein and carbohydrates