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A review of terms and information regarding the digestive system.

amino acids

Proteins are made of __________ __________.


The main source of energy for your body is __________.


Fats are also called __________.


Fats are classified as __________ if they have any double bonds.


Fats are classified as __________ if they have no double bonds.


Saturated fats are associated with high __________.


The process that breaks down food into small molecules that can be absorbed by blood is called __________.


When food is chewed, mixed, and churned __________ digestion is taking place.


When food is broken down by enzymes or acid, __________ digestion is taking place.


An __________ is a type of protein that speeds up the rate of chemical reaction in your body.


Many __________ are involved in the chemical digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.


The __________ is where digestion begins.


The __________ is a muscular tube that moves food to the stomach using peristalsis, or waves of muscle contractions.


Food moves through your digestive system by waves of muscle contractions called __________.


In the __________, food is mechanically digested by peristalsis and chemically digested by enzymes and hydrochloric acid.


In the stomach, food is __________ digested by peristalsis and chemically digested by enzymes and hydrochloric acid.


In the stomach, food is mechanically digested by peristalsis and __________ digested by enzymes and hydrochloric acid.

small intestine

The __________ __________ is lined with villi which increase surface area to help with the absorption of nutrients.


The small intestine is lined with __________ which increase surface area to help with the absorption of nutrients.


Once nutrients are absorbed by the villi they are then transported to all body cells by the __________.

surface area

The small intestine contains villi which increase __________ __________ to help with the absorption of nutrients.

large intestine

The __________ __________ absorbs water from undigested food.


The food liquid produced by the stomach is called __________.


The main function of the large intestine is to re-absorb excess __________ before eliminating solid waste.


The __________ and anus control the release of solid wastes from the body.


__________ live in your large intestine and make vitamins from undigested food.


connects mouth to stomach.


kills germs, breaks up food, digests proteins, and stores food.

small intestine

performs absorption through lining and chemical digestion. 6 meters in length contains the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum.

large intestine

(colon) solid matter passes through here, re-absorbs water.


the last section of the colon which eliminates feces.


produces bile which breaks up fats and is stored in gallbladder until needed.

gall bladder

stores and concentrates bile until it is needed.


A green fluid made from cholesterol and secreted by the liver. It is stored and concentrated in the gallbladder. Bile is an amphipathic molecule that is secreted into the small intestine when fats are present, and serves to emulsify the fats for better digestion by lipases. released into the duodenum.

digestive enzymes

trypsin- digests proteins
amylase - digests starch
Buffers- neutralizes acid from stomach


breaks up food, digests starch, moistens food


a mass of food that has been chewed and is ready to be swallowed

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