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Chapter 6 - American Revolution

Chapter 6 Review
What month and year did the colonies declare independence from Great Britain?
July 1776
What was the name given to Americans who supported independence?
Did the British have greater wealth and a larger population than the colonies?
British mercenaries (hired by the British) were?
Loyalists were also called what?
Loyalist strength was strongest where?
the Carolinas and Georgia
Loyalist strength was weakest where?
New England
At least one half of the colonists were Loyalists.
Besides the militia, what was the other Patriot force?
Continental Army
Did most of the soldiers in the Continental Army sign up for the duration of the war?
Name the two African American Patriots listed in the notes.
Lemuel Hayes and Peter Salem
Which state did not allow African Americans to enlist?
South Carolina
Name the patriot fighter that took a gunner's place in battle, other than Molly Pitcher.
Margaret Corbin
Who was the Patriot hero that spied on the British, disguising himself as a school teacher, and remained true to the cause even until death?
Nathan Hale
Who wrote, "These are the times that try men's souls" and "the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."
Thomas Paine
These individuals will only serve their country when things are going well.
Sunshine Patriots
Where did the Patriots score a victory on Christmas night 1776?
Name the militia group that defeated the British at Bennington, VT
Green Mountain Boys
William Howe captures the American capital, which was located where?
The defeat of General Burgoyne at Saratoga was the result of the British army's shortage of weapons and supplies.
After what American victory did the French announce support for United States?
Who was the American colonists' most important ally during the American Revolution?
the French
Where did the Patriot forces endure a terrible winter of suffering?
Valley Forge
Who was the French nobleman that became Washington's trusted aide?
This individual trained the Patriots at Valley Forge.
Friedrich von Steuben
Where did George Rogers Clark force Henry Hamilton's surrender?
A British blockade kept what from reaching the Continental Army?
supplies and reinforcements
Merchant war ships were called what?
Which Patriot hero said, "I have not yet began to fight."
John Paul Jones
Where did the British concentrate their attacks, in the late 1770s, since there were many Loyalists there?
the South
In 1780, where did the Patriots suffer their worst defeat of the war?
After the major defeat of American forces here, a member of Parliament gloated, "We look on America as at our feet."
Charles Town
A hit-and-run war technique.
guerrilla warfare
Who was the guerilla leader known as the Swamp Fox?
Francis Marion
Where and in what year did the last battle of the American Revolution occur?
Yorktown 1781
In what did the British promise to withdrawal all troops from the American territory?
Treaty of Paris
After George Washington retires, where does he return?
Mount Vernon
Where does the "shot heard 'round the world" refer to the actions of the minute-men?
Lexington and Concord
Benedict Arnold was a ___________________ that eventually joined the British.
Who led the Green Mountain Boys?
Ethan Allen
Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen seized what fort on Lake Champlain?
Fort Ticonderoga
Who was the Patriot leader at Bunker/Breed's Hill?
William Prescott
They did not consider unfair taxes a good reason for rebellion.
These individuals were office holders who might lose their positions as a result of a revolution.
Wanted to fight the British for American independence.
He ran the first post office established by the Continental Congress.
Benjamin Franklin
He recommended George Washington to command the Continental Army.
John Adams
Her letters to her husband suggested increased women's rights.
Abigail Adams
In a last attempt for peace, the colonists expressed their desire with this, but it was rejected by King George III.
Olive Branch Petition
He opposed any compromise with the American colonists.
King George III
The redcoat leader that fled Boston for Halifax.
William Howe
He wrote Common Sense.
Thomas Paine
Common Sense sold how many copies.
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
The Declaration of Independence states "all men are created "___________" and "ought to be free and "_____________________" states."
equal, independent
On what date did the Second Continental Congress vote to accept the Declaration of Independence?
July 4th, 1776