20 terms

Ancient China

Fertile yellow soil left behind after Huang He River flooded
A set of beliefs and ideas about how someone should live their lives
Shi Huangdi
Qin Emperor who united all of China under the rule of one government
Civil Service
Han system of hiring government workers based on their performance on state tests
Geographic Barriers
Himalaya mountains, Taklimakan and Gobi deserts limited China's contact because they were difficult to cross
Qin Emperor Shi Huangdi united China
By creating money system, reorganizing government, and building Great Wall
Mandate of Heaven
The Chinese belief that the emperor claimed to be the "son of heaven" and therefore has the right to rule.
Great Wall
Built to protect China from northern invaders
5 Chinese Inventions
Gunpowder, silk, bronze, kites, compass
Shang Dynasty
Invented Chinese writing
Qin Dynasty
The country of China is named after this dynasty
Warring States Period
250 years of States fighting for power
Chinese expeditions
Emperor Wudi learned China would benefit from trading with the West
Silk Road goods
Luxury goods like silk, gold, gunpowder, horses
Silk Road ideas
Religions, languages, new technologies
Silk Road trade
Traders moved from one city to next city and traded goods. Didn't go whole Silk Road because dangerous.
Silk Road prices
Goods traded on Silk Road got more expensive as they moved because traders would sell them for a higher price than they paid.
Chinese philosophy that taught that humans are naturally evil and need to be ruled by harsh laws
Chinese philosophy that taught the importance of education, family, peace, and justice
A Chinese philosophy that taught to leave society and to become one with nature.