Analyze the causes and results for both Africans and the colonial power of the Ndebele-Shona rising (1896-1897)

Shona/Ndebele uprising was due to the british wanting matabeleland for its resourcefulness. The overall oppresion of the locals and the jameson raid crushed the restitance which cause the ndebele people to relocate.
TS 1
BSAC desire for the mineral made it enevitable for the two to contront one another with conflict.
P 1 Facts
Gold discovered in 1867
Grobler Treaty 1887 - Boers
Moffat Agreement 1888 - Moffat sent to cancel the Grobler Treaty and gain exclusive access for the BSAC
Rudd Agreement 1888 - place further restrictions on Lobengula, stop him from signing agreements with other nations or groups
False promises - angered Lobengula, show BSAC are willing to do anything to gain access
The mistreatment of the Ndebele people coupled with the policies set upon them like the hut taxes led to a violent uprising.
P2 Facts
Hut tax
Loss of land
Forced labor
loss of cattle 1984 (rinderpest)
TS 3
The jameson raid 1896 gave tribe a motive to rebel, therefore stimulating the uprising but also gave them hope of winning and therefore reinforced their rebellion.
P3 facts
Jameson led police to SA
Ndebele took advantage of the military lost presence
Started the uprising
TS 4
The Ndebele uprising resulted in the violent quelling of the uprising, the proposal for the movement of the Ndebele people
P4 Facts - results
The ndeble people were to be put in reserves, never implemented.
Lack of miltia due to jameson raid gave the initial winning status to the ndebele
Divided and were conquered in 1986
Moffat Agreement
A treaty signed by the NDebele giving the british exclusive acces to their land, getting rid of the grobler. 1888
Grobler Treaty
A treaty which was signed between the portugeuse and the Ndebele giving acces to their land from the boers. 1887
Gold discovered
Rudd concession
Further request for lobengula to be sided with the british and no other nation
The british manipulated treaties to profit from the treaties as much as possible, this showed how far the british were willing to go to get the land, this angered the Ndebele people
Mistreatment of Ndebele
Forced labor
Hit taxes
Loss of cattle
jameson raid
1896, violation of the borders
Led the police to SA, got arrested
ndeble took advantage of this to gather strenght