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Biology AKS Ecology Review


non-living factors effecting an ecosystem Ex- amt. light, water, temp., % chemicals, wind, current, soil type, etc.


producers, make own food from sun/chemical energy source


geographic area w/ same climate and life


all life existing within several meters of earth's surface


living interactions between organisms of an ecosystem Ex- competition, predation, symbiosis

Biotic potential

max rate of population increase, no limiting factors

Carrying capacity

max number of org. supported by a particular environment, limiting factors


one organism benefits while the other is unaffected. Ex- remora (gets food), shark (feeds normally)


all living things in a certain area & time (different species)

Density Dependent

effects population in different ways depending on size. Ex: predation, competition, migration, disease

Density Independent

effects population regardless of size. Ex: natural diasters


Biome Climate - Dry, extreme temperatures


Biome Plant/animal life - Cactus, short life cycle plants, Creosote bush/ Reptiles, Predators: foxes, bobcats; herbivores: deer, antelope, sheep; birds and insects


Biome Main Characteristics - Annual precip. less than 25 cm; 1/5 of earth's surface


distinct area consisting of both biotic and abiotic factors


Biome Climate- Warm, seasonal rain, frequent fires


Biome Main Characteristics - Cover of grasses; compact soil, forest fires, very fertile soil


Biome Plant/animal Life - Tall grasses, drought tolerant trees or shrubs/ lions, cheetahs, zebras, prairie dogs, buffalo, birds and insects


area where a particular organism lives


consumers, obtain food from another organism

Interspecific competition

between different species

Intraspecific competition

between same species

J curve- population

population growing exponentially, no limiting factors, reaching biotic potential Ex: human population

Limiting factors

resource that has a finite amount, Ex: food, water, space, predators, etc.


both organisms benefit. Ex- bird/insect (gets food), plant (pollination)


organisms role in a particular habitat, prevents competition


Biome Climate - Varies by depth and location


Biome Plant/animal life - Phytoplankton, algae/ Wide variety of fish: swordfish, marine mammals, dolphins, whales


Biome Main Characteristics - Largest biome (75%); pollution, over fishing


one organism benefits while another is harmed. Ex- dog (loses blood), flea (gets food)


species of organism in a certain area & time

S curve- population

population growing logistically, limiting factors cause population to reach carrying capacity

Temperate Forest

Biome Main Characteristics - Drought; forest fires, our biome

Temperate Forest

Biome Plant/animal Life - Deciduous trees, some conifers, flowering shrubs, mosses and ferns/ Deer, bear, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, turkeys

Temperate Forest

Biome Climate - Cold winters, warm summers, year round precipitation

Tropical Rain Forest

Biome Climate - Hot and Wet, Consistently warm and rainy year round

Tropical Rain Forest

Biome Plant/animal Life - Broad leafed evergreen trees, ferns, woody vines, climbing plants, orchids, bromeliads/ jaquar, sloths, toucan, insects, fish, reptiles, poison dart frog

Tropical Rain Forest

Biome Main Characteristics -Canopy, most biodiversity, deforestation, source of medicines


Biome Main Characteristics - permafrost, shallow roots


Biome Plant/animal Life - Mosses, lichens, sedges and short grasses; dwarf trees/ Migratory water fowl, shore birds, ox, foxes, caribou, lemmings, salmon, mosquitoes, flies


Biome Climate - Short, soggy summers, long cold winters; very windy

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