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fallacy - noun
1. A mistaken idea, belief, or opinion
2. An error in reasoning; incorrect reasoning
excruciating - adjective
Extremely painful to the point of almost unbearable
incredulous - adjective
doubtful amazement
chronic - adjective
1. long lasting or re-occurring, as in illness
2. continual or done by habit
tangible - adjective
1. able to be touched because it has physical form
2. able to be understood or grasped by the mind
repercussion - noun
something that happens as the effect of an event; consequence to an action
mollify - verb
to soothe or make less angry
adversity - noun
a state of misery, misfortune, or distress
insolence - adjective
extreme disrespect that is intentional
revoke - verb
to take back or bring to an end something that has been given or permitted, such as a right, agreement, or privilege
impede - verb
to delay with difficulties or to stand in the way of something, can be literal or figurative
plagiarize - verb
to copy someone else's work and say it is your own, generally in written form
ostracize - verb
to exclude, keep out, or refuse to have anything to do with someone
vile - adjective
disgustingly horrible
align - verb
1. to arrange or adjust in a straight line; to arrange things to be in the proper relationship with each other
2. to join or cooperate with others for or against a cause
unscrupulous - adjective
without moral principles
inhibit - verb
to hold back, impede, or make difficult
immobile - adjective
1. not movable
2. motionless; not moving
congenial - adjective
1. friendly; agreeable; pleasant
2. able to get along; having similar tastes or interests
nutritious - adjective
providing substance needed for healthy growth
embellish - verb
1. to make more attractive by adding decoration
2. to make more interesting by adding details, sometimes fictitious ones (often leads to a lie)
fruitful - adjective
producing results; successful
stoic - adjective
unemotional; calm and not bothered by suffering; self-controlled
stoic - noun
someone who controls his or her emotions, accepts whatever happens, and remains calm in spite of pain or suffering
doleful - adjective
full of sorrow or sadness
savagery - noun
1. the condition of being wild, fierce, or untamed
2. an act of extreme cruelty or fierceness
daft - adjective
extremely foolish or sill; crazy
unseemly - adjective
not proper or decent; not in agreement with accepted standards of good taste
dogged - adjective
not giving in easily; staying with an activity in a steady way; determined
feasible - adjective
capable of being carried out; sensible and likely to be successful
admonish - verb
1. to scold gently
2. to caution, warn, or advise someone about his or her behavior or duties
conducive - adjective
to lead or contribute (to an effect); making a certain situation or outcome likely or possible; helpful or useful
ultimatum- noun
a final demand, one that, if refused, will end all dealings
avarice - noun
greed; TOO great a desire for money
docile - adjective
gentle, obedient, and trainable; easy to deal with
plod - verb
1. to move slowly but steadily
2. to work without enthusiasm or energy
indignation - noun
deep anger about something that seems wrong, unjust, or mean
balderdash - noun
talk or writing that is worthless because it makes no sense; bombastic speech or writing
humdrum - adjective
boringly ordinary
facility - noun
1. the ability to do something easily
2. equipment that makes some activity possible, usually used in the plural
3. a building, room, or area for some activity
rant - noun
tirade; a loud wild speech
rant - verb
to speak loudly and wildly
distort - verb
1. to change from a natural shape
2. to change from what is true(lie); to fail to tell the whole truth or fully represent something
momentum - noun
the force with which something moves
botch - verb
to spoil by poor or clumsy work
lurch - verb
to move suddenly in an irregular and unsteady way; to suddenly roll, stagger, or rock
lurch - noun
a lurching movement
oaf - noun
a clumsy stupid person
splurge - verb
to spend freely or too freely; to be extravagant
continuity - noun
the state of being unchanged over time
grim - adjective
1. appearing stern or harsh; cold and forbidding
2. not giving in; unyielding
3. doleful; without hope; cheerless; depressing; gloomy
cope - verb
to deal with something successfully; to overcome difficulties
aqcuisition - noun
something one gets or gains; something aquired

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