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  1. Celestial
  2. Greeks
  3. Echo Sounder
  4. Maury
  5. Oceanography
  1. a This type of navigation relies on using the stars to determine ones relative position on earth
  2. b studied ship's logs with wind and temp data. assembled it into wind and current charts & issued them to sailors for giving him their logs when they returned.
  3. c Integrated science studying the sea that including biology, chemistry, physics, and geology
  4. d explored the Mediterranean and Atlantic-noticed a current running in and out. named it "okeanos" ocean was derived from this.
  5. e This is used to map the deep ocean floor.

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  1. The Milky Way is a specific ________________
  2. First to calculate the circumference of the Earth
  3. The process in which the earth develops different layers, due to the denser materials sinking to the centre and the lighter materials rising to the top is called ______________
  4. The Big Bang is proposed to have occured _________ billion years ago.
  5. Cold clouds of dust and gases within a galaxy is refered to as a ______________

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  1. VinlandThis was the name given by the Vikings to Newfoundland.


  2. 97%Of the water found on earth, about _________ is found in oceans.


  3. CompassThe invention of the __________ and central rudder, and improvements in sail design were contributions made by the Chinese.


  4. Chemical Oceanographersstudy chemical composition of the oceans and their relationships to geology and biology.


  5. PtolemyThis person's estimate of the circumference of the earth was used by Christopher Columbus


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