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  1. Galaxy
  2. Marine Engineers
  3. Challenger
  4. 71%
  5. Vinland
  1. a study how to build ocean going to vessels, harbors, oil platforms, etc.
  2. b Earth is about ___________ water.
  3. c The Milky Way is a specific ________________
  4. d This expedition started the science of oceanography
  5. e This was the name given by the Vikings to Newfoundland.

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  1. a large, hot ball of gases, which is held together by gravity and gives off its own light
  2. Technological advances in food storage and ship design in the 1900s made these expeditions possible.
  3. Earth was created ______________ billion years ago.
  4. huge group of stars, dust, gas, and other celestial bodies bound together by gravitational force
  5. This is used to map the deep ocean floor.

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  1. MagellanThe vast body of saline water that occupies the depressions of the earth's surface is called the _______________


  2. CompassThe invention of the __________ and central rudder, and improvements in sail design were contributions made by the Chinese.


  3. Prince HenrySet up a centre for marine science and navigation


  4. PtolemyFirst to orient charts by placing east on the right hand side and north at the top


  5. PtolemyThis person's estimate of the circumference of the earth was used by Christopher Columbus