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  1. Columbus
  2. Solar System
  3. Greeks
  4. Galaxy
  5. Marine Engineers
  1. a explored the Mediterranean and Atlantic-noticed a current running in and out. named it "okeanos" ocean was derived from this.
  2. b a group of planets that orbit around a fixed point of gravity EX. sun
  3. c discovered the New world by accident. the native americans had lived there for at least 11,000 years.
  4. d huge group of stars, dust, gas, and other celestial bodies bound together by gravitational force
  5. e study how to build ocean going to vessels, harbors, oil platforms, etc.

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  1. Invented the chronometer
  2. This expedition started the science of oceanography
  3. Observations show that the universe is _____________
  4. Set up a centre for marine science and navigation
  5. The idea that the universe was created from a central point that started expanding is referred to as the _____________

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  1. 4.6The Big Bang is proposed to have occured _________ billion years ago.


  2. Antarticaa large, hot ball of gases, which is held together by gravity and gives off its own light


  3. polarTechnological advances in food storage and ship design in the 1900s made these expeditions possible.


  4. Cretans and PhoeniciansFirst regular ocean traders


  5. CelestialOrganized shipborne commerce on the Nile River!