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  1. Density Stratification
  2. Galaxy
  3. Prince Henry
  4. Greeks
  5. Leif
  1. a This Viking is thought to have been the first to land on North America.
  2. b Set up a centre for marine science and navigation
  3. c The Milky Way is a specific ________________
  4. d The process in which the earth develops different layers, due to the denser materials sinking to the centre and the lighter materials rising to the top is called ______________
  5. e explored the Mediterranean and Atlantic-noticed a current running in and out. named it "okeanos" ocean was derived from this.

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  1. John Harrison invented the ________________
  2. The early stage of a star is refered to as ______________
  3. Cold clouds of dust and gases within a galaxy is refered to as a ______________
  4. European who mapped the Great Barrier Reef
  5. This type of navigation relies on using the stars to determine ones relative position on earth

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  1. Benjamin FranklinPublished the first chart of any current


  2. VinlandThis was the name given by the Vikings to Newfoundland.


  3. OceanThe vast body of saline water that occupies the depressions of the earth's surface is called the _______________


  4. Stick Chartsa large, hot ball of gases, which is held together by gravity and gives off its own light


  5. PolynesiansAmong the first to use celestial navigation