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Bible Lesson 4.8 Practice Quiz

to show love
Give the first reason why God had to enter into our world of suffering and sin?
to understand what it is like to be human
Give the second reason why God had to enter into our world of suffering and sin?
What harsh name did Jesus call Peter in Matthew 16?
he was behaving as an agent of satan
What did Jesus mean when He called Peter satan?
Caesarea Philippi
What was the setting of events that took place in Matthew 16?
he must go to Jerusalem to suffer, be killed and raised
What did Jesus tell the disciples had to happen to him?
What was the key word in the prediction of what would happen to Jesus in Jerusalem?
Who do people say the Son of Man is?
What was the first question Jesus asked his disciples?
John the Baptist
What was the first answer the disciples gave to Jesus' first question?
What was the second answer the disciples gave to Jesus' first question?
What was the third answer the disciples gave to Jesus' first question?
one of the prophets
What was the fourth answer the disciples gave to Jesus' first question?
Who is the key character in the Transfiguration story?
Who do you say that I am?
What was the second question Jesus asked His disciples?
the disciple Peter
Who answered when Jesus asked the second question?
You are the Christ (Messiah), the son of the living God
How did Peter respond to Jesus' second question?
The path to ___ always leads through suffering.
The path to glory always leads through ___.
Peter, James, John
When Jesus said "some" of you, who did He mean?
What does Peter's name mean?
build 3 houses
What did Peter want to do for Jesus and the prophets when he saw the transfiguration?
Peter rebuked Jesus saying, "Far, be it from You, Lord." "This shall never happen to You."
What did Peter do to Jesus after Jesus predicted his own death?
they thought John may have been raised from the dead to walk as Jesus
Why did people think Jesus might have been John the Baptist?
that some would not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom
What did Jesus promise to His disciples at the end of Matthew 16?
they saw into the future Jesus in his transformed body, how Jesus looks in heaven
How did Jesus fulfill the promise He made in Matthew 17?
death had to com before kingdom glory
What point was Jesus trying to prove by showing His disciples this transfiguration?
to transform into something more beautiful or elevated
What does it mean to "transfigure"?
Jesus told His disciples that he must go to ___.
God's world operated on the principle of ___.
more beautiful or elevated
To "transfigure" means to transform into something ___.
creation, Noah's flood, Red Sea, Jesus' baptism
Give the examples of the concept of Baptism found in the Bible.
What word do we use to describe the way Peter corrected Jesus in Matthew 16?
the Father revealed it to him
How did Peter know that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God?
What biblical symbol teaches us that suffering precedes glory?