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A social studies teacher asks the students in the class how they could use the word HOMES to help them remember the names of the Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior. The students quickly recognize that the first letters of the names of the lakes can be arranged to spell HOMES. This approach to memorizing information best exemplifies using
an acronym.
During a class discussion, for which of the following purposes would it be appropriate for a teacher to ask a closed-ended question?
to check for agreement among students
After reading essays students have written, a sixth-grade language arts teacher consults a colleague about how to improve the quality of students' writing assignments. The teacher's decision to ask a colleague for help illustrates Which of the following principles?
Teachers need to understand the importance of being reflective practitioners.
Which of the following actions should the teacher take at the end of a computer simulation activity to promote students' evaluation-level thinking?
Have a whole-class discussion in which students are asked to tell why they did or did not like the simulation activity.
Students in a fourth-grade class are making drawings to illustrate their writing projects. The teacher observes a few students who are artistically talented making rude comments about the drawings of their classmates who are less artistically inclined. The teacher immediately lets the rude students know that such behavior will not be tolerated. The best follow-up response from the teacher to this situation is to
allow students the option of downloading free clip art from the Internet to illustrate their writing projects.
Which of the following would constitute a violation of the Florida Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Conduct?
representing one's personal views as those of the school district
In recent years, the Florida Legislature passed legislation that focuses on using reading as the foundation to improve student achievement in all subject areas. In general, which of the following ways would be best for promoting struggling middle school readers' growth as effective and competent readers of expository text?
provide instruction to help struggling readers learn when and how to use different comprehension strategies and to repair comprehension problems.
A teacher is concerned about appropriate assessment of content area learning for students in the class who have histories of limited academic success. To ensure fair and accurate assessment of these students, it would be most appropriate for the teacher to
use a variety of formal and informal assessment measures, such as observations, interviews, test scores, and samples of daily work.
After giving an assignment, a teacher notices that a student, Carl, is frowning. The teacher walks over to Carl's desk and the following exchange occurs:
Teacher: Do you have a question about the assignment?
Carl: This is a stupid assignment.
Teacher: You sound upset. Would you like to talk about it?
In her interaction with Carl, which of the following elements of effective communication did the teacher exhibit?
being sensitive to nonverbal cues and being a reflective listener
A high school calculus teacher decides to attend a workshop on a sophisticated mathematical software program at a state conference. The teacher's probable purpose for attending the workshop is to
enhance the teacher's own professional skills and knowledge.
An interdisciplinary team of middle school teachers wants to develop lessons that promote students' higher-order thinking skills. Which of the following is most likely to promote the higher-order thinking skills of middle school students?
in math, filling in the missing components of a pattern
A first-year third-grade teacher has received her class roster for the upcoming school year. She notes that the 19 students in her class are culturally diverse and that two students are receiving Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services— one is visually impaired, and the other has mild hearing loss. In planning her classroom layout, it is most important for the teacher to consider the
instructional approaches she is planning to use in her classroom.
Ms. Kim, a middle school teacher, overhears two students, Jimmy and Curtis, talking about drugs. The teacher confronts the students to discuss what she heard. Following is an excerpt from their discussion:
Ms. Kim: Jimmy, I want to talk to you about what you said to Curtis about needing some drugs.

Jimmy: Ms. Kim, you got it all wrong. I was just kiddin' around. I don't do drugs.

Curtis: That's right, Ms. Kim. Jimmy doesn't mess with drugs.

Ms. Kim: I'm not so sure. Some of your other teachers have told me that your grades have dropped a lot since school started, Jimmy. Aren't you failing math and English?

Jimmy: Well, I'm not doing real good in school right now, but it's not because of drugs. You gotta believe me, Ms. Kim.

Ms. Kim: Well, you two go on to your next class. I'll talk to you about this later.

When Ms. Kim discussed Jimmy's grades infront of Curtis, her actions were
inappropriate, because she publicly disparaged Jimmy.
Which of the following strategies would be best for developing a fourth-grade student's reading fluency?
Encourage the student to reread books written at the student's independent reading level.
After a cooperative learning activity in language arts, the teacher asks students to determine whether the activity was successful and to reflect on their roles and participation. Which of the following is a benefit of having Students do this assignment?
It will promote self-reflection and self-assessment on the part of the student.
A social studies teacher uses a town controversy over whether a large oil company should be permitted to drill on the site of a historic landmark as the basis for a discussion in class. The teacher poses the following question to the class: "Should preservation of historic landmarks stand in the way of economic development Why or why not?" The teacher's questions are probably posed for the purpose of
providing a framework for engaging students in critical thinking about the controversy.
The computer science teacher volunteers to conduct a professional learning workshop for the other teachers at school on using a popular spreadsheet software program. Conducting the workshop best illustrates that the teacher knows how to
actively share ideas with colleagues to contribute to a successful learning community.
Students in a high school history class are debating a controversial historical issue. The teacher's main purpose for having the class debate is to
engage students in higher-order thinking in an authentic context.
A science teacher observes that most of her students seem to think of scientists as men. Which of the following would be the most effective way for the teacher to counter gender stereotyping?
Invite a variety of male and female guests who have science-related careers to visit the class throughout the year.
Parents of a student ask Mr. Mann, their child's teacher, to show them their child's grades and also the grades of the child's classmates. Which of the following actions would be appropriate for Mr. Mann to take in response to the parents' request?
Tell the parents that he cannot legally show them other students' grades.
An effective strategy for promoting fifth graders' vocabulary development is to have the students
discuss the unfamiliar words in a story that was read aloud by the teacher.
At midyear, a high school teacher asks the students to respond to the following three prompts:

What I like best about this class
What I like least about this class
What I would change to make this class better

This type of assessment is called a
formative assessment.
Florida law explicitly states that immediate intensive intervention for an elementary school student who has been identified with a heading deficiency must be provided
A first-year third-grade teacher asks a counselor for professional advice on how best to help a student who has an individualized Progress Monitoring Plan (PMP) meet state and district standards for proficiency in reading. The teacher% decision to consult the counselor is most in accord with which of the following principles?
Teachers should be reflective practitioners who know how to work within a learning community to enhance students' academic performance.
Students in a second-grade class have finished reading a version of the classic tale, "Jack and the Beanstalk." The story tells about a boy named Jack who climbs a beanstalk and meets an unfriendly giant. At the end of the story, Jack deposes the giant. Which of the following questions about the story would likely be most effective for assessing students' creative thinking skills?
What would have happened if the giant and Jack had become good friends?
To promote all students' understanding and appreciation of diversity, it would be most beneficial for a teacher to
invite visitors from the different cultural backgrounds represented in the class to lead and participate in a variety of activities.
Which of the following is NOT one of the Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession in Florida?
Obligation to the parents requires that the individual shall maintain a classroom climate that promotes the lifelong pursuit of learning.
Before students begin a reading assignment on the hydrologic cycle, a seventh-grade science teacher could best prepare students to understand the reading assignment by
explicitly teaching the technical vocabulary the students will encounter in the reading assignment.
To obtain information about a high school student's strengths and weaknesses in a subject area, which of the following types of assessment would be best to use?
A language arts teacher wants to help students develop their critical thinking skills, so the teacher asks many questions during each class. Typically, his questions are similar to the following:

Who is the author of Beowulf?

What is the subject of this sentence?

What is the main idea of the first paragraph?

TO improve his questioning techniques, the teacher should do which of the following?
Ask more divergent questions.
Ms. Carter, a first-year teacher, is having trouble dealing with a student who is very disruptive in her class. Ms. Carter wants to ask a colleague for advice about what she should do to discourage the student's misbehavior, but she is reluctant to discuss the problem when the opportunity arises. The most likely basis for Ms. Carter's reluctance to ask for assistance from her colleague is that she believes that
she will be perceived as ill-prepared or incompetent.
In keeping with a desire to foster higher-order thinking and enhance problem-solving skills, which of the following strategies would be LEAST desirable for an algebra teacher to use?
Establish a highly managed classroom environment that focuses on procedural knowledge
Which of the following practices would best promote social harmony among diverse students in a middle school social studies class?
Encourage students to share ideas relevant to their cultural backgrounds during class discussions.
Ms. Alford is a veteran teacher with 20 years' experience. After school one day, she walks across the hall to Mr. Pennywell's room and criticizes him for allowing his students to play a game in class. Mr. Pennywell does not want to be argumentative with Ms. Alford, so he explains calmly and politely why he feels the game was a worthwhile activity for his students. The next day, the principal tells Mr. Pennywell that Ms. Alford has complained to the principal that Mr. Pennywell used profanity toward her and behaved unprofessionally during their conversation the day before. Ms. Alford's behavior is unethical because, according to the Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession in Florida, a teacher should NOT
make intentionally false statements about a colleague.
Before students begin reading a passage from their social studies textbook, the teacher gives the students a list of statements related to the topic of the passage. The teacher asks the students to mark whether they agree or disagree with each of the statements. After the students mark their responses, the teacher encourages students to discuss their responses and defend their positions. This practice best represents an application of which of the following strategies for increasing students' comprehension of content area reading?
setting a purpose for reading the passage
Which of the following is NOT a recommended practice in regard to homework for middle school students?
limiting homework assignments to 15 minutes per day
To improve participation in and the quality of whole-class discussions, a teacher should
ask the question before calling on a student by name.
A sixth-grade social studies teacher designs a unit test, being careful to ensure that the test is aligned with the instructional content that was addressed in class. Upon administering and grading the test, the teacher finds that each of the students earned a score of 90 percent or better. When reflecting upon these test results, the most appropriate conclusion for the teacher to draw about her teaching practices is that she
is an effective teacher because the students have mastered the unit content.
In giving students problems in which they must draw a general conclusion based on a number of examples, a mathematics teacher is most likely promoting students' use of
inductive reasoning.
With regard to gender differences, a teacher should plan to
treat male and female students similarly whenever appropriate
At the beginning of the school year, a school's fourth-grade students are administered a screening assessment. A fourth-grade teacher examines the results of the school-wide screening assessment and determines that two students in his class performed slightly below grade level in writing. To collect additional data for developing effective interventions, the teacher should
analyze writing samples in the students' language arts portfolios for an initial time period.
A third-grade teacher informally assesses a student's reading comprehension by having the student silently read the following paragraph about Kendra, a young girl who moves from Florida to a new state:

Kendra woke up early. She could hear her parents talking downstairs in the kitchen. Quickly, she began to get dressed. She wanted to explore her new neighborhood. She put on jeans, a sweater, and a coat. Then she looked for her gloves and wool scarf. She was glad her mom had taken her shopping yesterday to buy the gloves and scarf. Kendra knew she would need them often in this new place.

The teacher could best test the student's literal comprehension of the paragraph by asking which of the following questions?
Where were Kendra's parents when she woke up?
A language arts teacher makes the following list of tentative test items over the novel Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain:

I. Tom Sawyer's aunt is named Aunt
2. True or false: Mark Twain was the pen name for Samuel Coleridge.
3. Who is Widow Douglas?
4. Discuss the role of superstition in the novel Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain.

On which item does guessing have the most effect?
Item 2
Which Of the following would NOT be an effective way to communicate high expectations to at-risk students?
accepting and praising all work
When teachers challenge students to reason from basic assumptions to reach a logical conclusion, they are most likely promoting students' use of
deductive reasoning.
A high school teacher is creating a lesson plan in which students will investigate their own learning styles. Learning style experts generally agree that learning style is
different from person to person.
A school district wants to develop a benchmark test to see how well students are progressing toward the academic goals of the district. What type of test would be best for this purpose?
A teacher asks a question, calls on Sabrina to respond, and then waits patiently for Sabrina's answer even though Sabrina is one of the lower-achieving students. When Sabrina does not respond, the teacher rephrases the question and then continues to wait. How would you evaluate this teacher's approach to Sabrina at this point?
effective, because it communicates positive expectations to Sabrina
A high school algebra teacher gives students the following task:

Use what you know about adding two fractions in arithmetic to write out a plan for adding two algebraic fractions

In giving the students this task, the teacher is most likely promoting students' use of
A language arts teacher is planning to implement a more culturally diverse approach to the study of literature in her class. An effective first step to enhance teaching by appreciating cultural diversity is for the teacher to
spend some time in self-reflection to examine her own attitudes and beliefs about cultural groups.
Which of the following assessment methods is considered an authentic way to assess kindergarten children's learning in learning centers?
informal teacher observation
A teacher notices that Kaitlin, one of his high-achieving students, is very inattentive in class.

When he has a chance to talk with Kaitlin privately, she begins to tell him about a problem she is having with a group of girls that are bullying her. To encourage Katlin to continue telling him about the situation, the teacher should
listen with a concerned look and limit interruptions.
A social studies teacher assigns students to read an overview of the three branches of government and their functions. Next, the teacher displays the following transparency on the overhead projector:

Explain in your own words what you think this term means.

This activity will benefit students most by
engaging them in higher-order thinking.
A history teacher is concerned about her students' low grades. She feels the low grades are mainly due to the students' lack of interest and enthusiasm in history class. Which of the following measures related to assessment would be best for motivating students to earn better grades in history?
including comments related to improvement in reports to students and parents
During class discussions, teachers often find it difficult to apply the recommended 3-second wait time for students' responses to questions. According to experts, which of the following is the main reason for this difficulty?
Teachers are subject to the strong norm in American culture to avoid empty silence.
Which of the following teacher behaviors would LEAST likely promote students' critical thinking skills?
focusing on making students memorize significant facts and formulas.
In high school, students should be given homework primarily to
improve their academic achievement.
Students in a high school geography class are learning about interrelationships between people and their environment. On an outside tour around their school, the students are dismayed about how much trash they see. When they return to class, a discussion about trash disposal ensues. "Is there going to be room for us with all this trash in the world?" asks Maria. The teacher responds to the whole class, "What do you think about Maria's concern?" This question to the whole class in response to Maria's question is an example of
using a student's contribution to stimulate additional discussion.
A second-grade teacher is using a computer simulation activity to help students learn social studies concepts. A major advantage of using a computer simulation activity in social studies is that it
allows students to make decisions in a safe environment.
Ms. curl, a new third-grade teacher, is enthusiastic about her first year. She looks forward to meeting her students and has many plans for them. The first day of class, Ms. curl introduces herself and shares with the students some of her ideas for the classroom. As a new teacher, Ms. Curl needs to be aware of which of the following?
During the first few days of school, teachers need to teach students specific procedures for how to move from group to group, how to ask for help, how to obtain needed materials and so forth.
A high school humanities teacher has observed a difference in the achievement of students of low socioeconomic backgrounds and that of middle-class students in her class The teacher's observation is related to the finding of studies that show that students from low socioeconomic backgrounds usually
do more poorly in school than children from middle-class backgrounds
During a class discussion, a teacher calls only on students who raise their hands to respond. This teacher's method of recognizing students for responses is
limited, because students who don't volunteer might miss an opportunity to be actively engaged in the lesson.
A teacher is excited about implementing cooperative learning strategies in his classroom during the school year and is busy planning group activities that he can use with his students. Which of the following is an essential feature of cooperative learning?
When using cooperative learning activities, students' rewards should be interdependently determined.
Students in a high school chemistry class are learning to prepare solutions of acids. Which of the following methods is the most appropriate way for the teacher to assess the students' understanding of this procedure?
Use an observational checklist.
A first-year middle-grades English teacher is trying to teach her students creative writing, but she is disappointed and frustrated when most of the students' papers are dull and uninteresting. She discusses her dismay with an experienced colleague and asks for advice on how to motivate the students to write better papers. The first-year teacher's decision to consult an experienced colleague illustrates which of the following principles?
Teachers should know collaborative strategies to support student achievement of desired learning outcomes.
A third-grade teacher wants her students to learn how a hot air balloon works. Which of the following technologies would be most appropriate for this purpose?
computer simulation
In regular education classrooms, academic tasks that are assigned as independent class work or homework are typically based upon
low context and high cognitive demand.
In a school district that is practicing School- Based Management (SBM), authority to make decisions about how to implement the district's goals, including certain decisions about the school budget, hiring of personnel, and the curriculum
is placed at the school level.
A third-grade teacher posts the following classroom rules:

Rule I. Be respectful of others.
Rule 2. Work quietly.
Rule 3. Do not run indoors.
Rule 4. Complete your work.

Which rule should be restated in a more appropriate format?
Rule 3
"Given five right triangles each with the measure of one side missing, the students will be able to use the Pythagorean theorem to solve for the measure of the missing side in four out of five of the right triangles with no errors." This statement is an example of a(n)
cognitive objective.
As the regular education teacher of a student with a disability, a new teacher will be serving on the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) team for the student. The teacher is aware that the student is participating in the regular education environment because this placement meets the criterion of "least restrictive environment" for the student. With regard to students with disabilities, least restrictive environment means that
a student's classroom environment should be appropriate to his or her level of disability.
A high school speech teacher has students conduct peer assessments of students' performances. The teacher's main purpose for using peer assessments is to
allow students to deepen their understanding of the concepts.
A student is beginning to exhibit a pattern of habitual tardiness to a high school physical education class. Which of the following should the teacher do first to address this problem?
Privately discuss the problem with the student.
Which of the following activities would be most effective in helping a teacher's English Language Learners (ELLs) develop awareness of differences in register?
having the students role-play specific situations, such as discussing a community concern first with a classmate and then with the mayor of the city
A middle-grades language arts teacher encourages her students to write on topics they are interested in or care about. Which of the following is the teacher using to enhance motivation?
intrinsic motivation
A first-year middle school teacher has a class composed of students of diverse academic ability levels. Which of the following best reflects current research regarding grouping practices for teacher instruction of the students?
using a combination of whole-group instruction and small-group differentiated instruction
A second-grade teacher has a conference with parents whose child has been consistently off-task in the teacher's class since the beginning of the year. The teacher and parents agree that weekly updates from the teacher to the parents about the child's behavior are warranted. The most appropriate way for the teacher to keep the parents informed about their child's behavior is to update the parents by
creating a notebook that the child will carry home each week and bring back the following week.
A teacher responds to student work that is good or that shows improvement by writing comments such as "Good job! " "Terrific! " and "Nice work!" on the students' papers. This teacher's praise would be more effective if the teacher
specifically stated what the students have done that is praiseworthy.
For a social studies unit on government, a teacher designs lesson plans around the theme of "civic ideas and practices." The teacher's idea to use a thematic approach to the unit best demonstrates that the teacher understands the importance of
helping students to understand relationships within a discipline.
A fifth-grade teacher decides to hold a class meeting to address her concerns that students in the class are disruptive and unmotivated. The teacher's decision to hold a class meeting illustrates her understanding that she
should promote student ownership in a smoothly functioning learning community.
A first-grade teacher has a student with moderate hearing loss in the class. What is the greatest effect, if any, that this condition will have on the student's process of learning to read?
The student might have difficulty pronouncing the sounds of letters correctly.
An eighth-grade science teacher; who is using innovative teaching methods, is concerned that her students might have difficulty on the Florida statewide assessment test in science because she is not "teaching to the test." The teacher could best address this concern by
making sure that the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for eighth-grade science are included in her curriculum.
A middle school social studies teacher makes sure that the English Language Learners (ELLS) in his classroom have opportunities to use English not only for academic-related communication, but also for communicating with others, giving directions, expressing needs, and revealing feelings This practice best demonstrates the teacher's understanding that
using English across a wide range of language functions will improve proficiency.
A major motivational reason cooperative learning produces positive instructional outcomes is the
cooperative incentive structure.
Which of the following activities involving decimals would be LEAST desirable for a fourth-grade teacher to use in mathematics?
Students copy decimal problems from the textbook and use calculators to obtain the answers.
Individual Educational Plan (IEP) team meetings to review a student's IEP, and, as appropriate, revise its provisions must be held
at least once every 12 months.
For most learners, an effective discipline plan is one that emphasizes
consistency and fairness.
To best maintain communication with families of students whose home language is not English, a teacher should send the families
a monthly multilingual newsletter about class events.
A fourth-grade student is writing and illustrating a short story for language arts. The student plans to download graphics from the Internet to use in his story. It is important that the teacher
inform the student to include the web address beneath the graphics in his story.
A grade K-12 English Language Learner (ELL) who is enrolled in classes specifically designed for ELLs is coded as
Middle school and high school teachers who hold high expectations for their students are likely to find that teacher expectations
influence student behavior and performance.
A teacher has selected a cooperative learning group activity to use on the first class day as a means to get acquainted with her students and to help the students get to know one another. The teacher is very excited about this idea because she is aware of the many positive benefits of cooperative learning. The teacher should
replace the group activity with a simple, enjoyable activity that involves the whole class.
Which of the following is a likely result of using fixed-ability groups that stay in place throughout the school year?
Students in the low-ability groups will be negatively affected.
A teacher ignores Carly, who blurts out answers without first raising her hand and waiting to be called on. Which technique is the teacher using with Carly?
If a teacher suspects a student is experiencing abuse at home, the teacher should
notify the proper legal authorities at once and let them investigate the situation.
A performing arts teacher plans a recital at the auditorium of the local civic center. By doing so, the teacher is
using community resources.
Current theories about language development share the hypothesis that formal knowledge
about the rules of language are not as critical as the ability to use the language in the process of actual communication. This hypothesis is known as the
acquisition learning hypothesis.
A middle-grades health teacher is aware of the alarming rate of drug use among young adolescents. He decides to revise the two-week unit on drug abuse that he had planned to teach. He feels this particular unit is a very important part of the curriculum, and he wants to feel confident that it will help increase the students' understanding of the dangerous effects of drug abuse. Through the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) organization, the teacher obtains resource materials to use in the unit that stress the hazards of minors' illegal use of drugs. He also plans to invite well-known, dynamic guest speakers to visit the class to talk with students about the social pressures that sometimes lead to drug use. Most likely, the teacher's lessons for the unit will be designed to enhance students'
independent thinking and decision-making skills
According to Florida Statute 1003.32, a teacher may remove a student from class if the teacher determines that the student's behavior interferes with the ability of the student's classmates to learn. Furthermore, the principal cannot return the student to the teacher's class without the consent of the teacher unless a school placement committee determines otherwise. However, the law specifies that a teacher is required to complete professional development to improve the teacher's classroom management skills if the teacher removes what percent of his or her total class enrollment under this statute?
25 percent
A high school mathematics teacher plans to use peer tutoring in her classes in the coming year. Research on the effect of peer tutoring on learning indicates that
achievement of both the tutors and the tutees increases.
Marcus is an exceptionally bright student, but he seldom completes his work, makes fun of class activities, and generally behaves disruptively. Marcus's father visits the school to complain about a lower-than-expected grade Marcus received in science because he did not complete some homework assignments. Which of the following approaches would be appropriate for Marcus's teacher to use with this parent?
She should explain her grading policy to the parent and show samples of Marcus's incomplete work.
A first-grade teacher has been keeping track of a student's reading and writing progress by using anecdotal records and checklists. Which of the following assessment tools is another informal measure the teacher might use?
portfolio assessment
To motivate student effort and engagement, an elementary school mathematics teacher offers points, which students can save and redeem for rewards each time they answer a problem correctly. This technique is most closely associated with a(n)
extrinsic reward system.
A fourth-grade teacher is selecting a computer software program for science. Which of the following features would be most critical for the program to have to be effective for use by the teacher's English Language Learners, most of whom are in the early production stage of English language acquisition?
extensive visual representations and other nonlinguistic graphic support
Most authorities agree that lecturing
should be avoided in elementary school.
During the first quarter of the year, a middle-grades English teacher spends most of the class period having the students complete practice exercises on punctuation and grammar. The teacher has become concerned because most of the students appear bored during the lessons, and off-task behavior has become a problem. Which of the following measures would be most effective in addressing the teacher's concerns?
Replace the practice exercises with activities related to the students' interests and experiences.
A primary charge of the school advisory council (SAC) is to
assist in the preparation of the school's annual budget.
Which of the following activities would be most developmentally appropriate in promoting second-grade students' multicultural awareness and appreciation?
Engage students in an activity in which they are able to discover common elements in their various cultural backgrounds, as well as unique features of their own culture.
For children in the primary grades, attitudes toward an issue tend to be most influenced by their
families' attitudes toward the issue.
A first-year early-childhood teacher is planning for the coming year. The teacher wants to use learning centers in her classroom. Which of the following is an important feature that early-childhood learning centers should have?
Learning centers should be self-contained, with all materials needed contained within the center.
Which of the following cognitive abilities should a sixth-grade teacher expect most of the students in the class to be in the process of developing?
thinking hypothetically about abstract

Which of the following principles best applies to interdisciplinary teams?
Teachers should have opportunities to learn from each other and thereby improve the educational experiences of students.
A second-grade class includes English Language Learners who speak Haitian-Creole and Spanish. In which of the following situations would it be advantageous for the teacher to pair speakers of the same language?
when the most recently arrived student needs an orientation to classroom rules and procedures
A seventh-grade teacher has a student who is becoming the class clown by making distracting noises and funny faces when students are working in groups. The teacher, aware that the student has an unfortunate home life, speculates that the attention the student gets from the class makes the student feel like "one of the gang." The student's inappropriate behavior in class is probably associated with the student's fear of
being rejected by peers.
A first-grade teacher has planned a science unit concerning the ocean. On the first day of the unit, the children enter the classroom to see "seaweed" hanging from the ceiling, displays of seashells on tables, and pictures of ocean life on the wall. The teacher's probable purpose for transforming the classroom into a pretend ocean is to
provide a concrete experience for the children.
A teacher consults with an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) teacher for advice on how to implement accommodations for an ESE student in the teacher's class. The teacher's decision to consult the ESE teacher is most in accord with which of the following principles?
Teachers should work cooperatively with colleagues to meet students' education needs.
Ms. Pattillo, a kindergarten teacher, overhears two of the boys in her class arguing over which one is going to marry her. She is not upset and does not reprimand the boys because she realizes their behavior is normal. The teacher's analysis of the situation best reflects her knowledge and consideration of
students' developmental processes.
A fourth-grade English Language Learner (ELL) who has been determined through an aural/oral test to be fully English proficient most likely still would have difficulty comprehending which of the following sentences?
Your teacher will not put up with rude behavior in the classroom.
With regard to the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) team of a student with a disability, at least one regular education teacher of the student serves on the IEP team. As a member of the IEP team, the regular education teacher
assists with determining interventions and strategies for the student
A science teacher believes her role is to facilitate students' pursuit of new understandings through creating an environment in which the students are constructing their own knowledge through active inqtnry in light of their previous understandings. This teacher's approach to teaching is most consistent with