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What erythrocyte production disorder results from an autoimmune disease associated with vitamin B12 absorption?

Pernicious anemia

An abnormal excess of erythrocytes is called


The most abundant leukocytes are


When a person has an acute bacterial infection, such as meningitis or appendicitis, which type of leukocyte increases in number?


Which type of leukocyte is responsible for antibody production?


When we take anti-histamines, we are countering the effects of which type of leukocyte?


Platelet formation is regulated by


Which leukocyte functions in phagocytizing bacteria?


Which of the following is NOT a functional characteristic of leukocytes?


Which of the following is best suited to the clotting process that occurs when blood vessels are ruptured?


The first step in hemostasis is

vascular spasm

Which formed element can be described as cytoplasmic fragments?


What "clot buster" enzyme removes unneeded clots after healing has occurred during fibrinolysis?


A person who lacks agglutinogens A and B would have blood type


What protein involved in coagulation provides the scaffolding for tissue repair?


Which of the following does NOT serve as a site for blood cell production in the developing fetus?


Erythrocytes lack a nucleus.


During erythroblastosis fetalis, a Rh- mother's anti-Rh antibodies that have crossed the placenta will cause agglutination of the fetus's Rh+ RBCs. However, the reverse problem never happens when a Rh+ mother is pregnant with a Rh- fetus, that is, antibodies produced by the fetus cannot cause agglutination of the mother's Rh+ RBCs. This is true because

antibodies that can cause this agglutination are not produced by a fetus

Which of the following is NOT a formed element of the blood?


An individual who is blood type AB negative can

receive any blood type in moderate amounts except that with the Rh antigen

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