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A disorder in which an individual is overexcited, hyperactive, and wildly optimistic is known as
A major depressive disorder is most likely to be characterized by
feelings of personal worthlessness
A psychological disorder in which the symptoms take a bodily form without apparent physical cause is a
somatoform disorder
An incapacitating and highly distressing fear about being embarrassed in the presence of others is most characteristic of
social phobia
Delusions of persecution are most common among those with ________ schizophrenia.
George Frideric Handel composed his Messiah during three weeks of intense, creative energy. Many believe Handel suffered a mild form of
bipolar disorder
In which disorder do people alternate between states of lethargic hopelessness and wild overexcitement?
bipolar disorder
Kaylee is so afraid of spiders and insects that she avoids most outdoor activities and even refuses to go to the basement of her own house alone. Kaylee appears to suffer from
a phobia
Misinterpreting normal physical sensations as symptoms of a dreaded disease is indicative of
offensive and unwanted thoughts that persistently preoccupy a person is an example of what?
an obsession
Positive psychological changes that result from struggling with extremely challenging life crises demonstrate
post-traumatic growth
Psychiatrists and psychologists label behavior as disordered when it is
deviant, distressful, and dysfunctional
Rishi, a college student, complains that he feels apprehensive and fearful most of the time but doesn't know why. Without warning, his heart begins to pound, his hands get icy, and he breaks out in a cold sweat. Rishi most likely suffers from
generalized anxiety disorder
The billionaire aviator Howard Hughes insisted that his assistants carry out elaborate hand-washing rituals and wear white gloves when handling any document he would later touch. His behavior best illustrated the symptoms of
obsessive-compulsive disorder
Those with narcissistic personality disorder are likely to be preoccupied with
their own self-importance