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  1. Refractory Period
  2. Oceipital Lobe
  3. Glutamate
  4. Motor Neurons
  5. Acetylcholine
  1. a Chemical in brain involved in Movement, learning, memory, alzhiemers patients have low levels of this
  2. b Vision
  3. c Communicate from nervous system to muscle, brain to body, brain tells hand to move away from hot stove
  4. d Memory
  5. e When axons aren't firing

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  1. The perception of being female or male
  2. Receives incoming info related to sensation
  3. Sends messages via blood stream ie secrets hormones and brain is responsible for this function
  4. Basic cell functions
  5. Average

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  1. Inter neuronsNErve cells in the brain


  2. Gender RolesThe perception of being female or male


  3. ReuptakeMemory


  4. MRIMost frequent number


  5. PEt ScanX-ray of your brain