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  1. Neuroscience Perspectives
  2. Inter neurons
  3. GaBA
  4. Gender
  5. Neurotransmitters
  1. a Views behavior from the perspective of biological functioning
  2. b Chemicals that carry messages across synapse
  3. c The perception of being female or male
  4. d Connect sensory and motor neurons, communication between
  5. e eating sleep, inhibitory rather than excitatory.

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  1. Brain and Spinal Cord
  2. How do our experineces and enviroment affect behavior
  3. Controls of volutary movement ie eyes
  4. NErve cells in the brain
  5. Fight of flight, body prepares for emergency, heart rate elevated, energy boost

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  1. BEhavioral PerspectiveContends that people can control their behavior and that they naturally try to reach their full potential


  2. Myelin SheathPoint that drives the scores in half


  3. NeuroscienceExams how brian and nervous system/biology effect behavior


  4. A standard deviationAn index of the average deviation of a set of scores from the center of the distribution


  5. Terminal VesiclesLanguage and memory