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  1. Sensory Neurons
  2. Refractory Period
  3. Central Nervous System
  4. Frontal Lobe
  5. Sex
  1. a Brain and Spinal Cord
  2. b Biological differences
  3. c When axons aren't firing
  4. d Regulates emotional behavior organizes everything
  5. e transmitts from body to spinal cord, from different sensations, incoming messages ie touching messages ie touching hot stove

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  1. How do behavior/mental processes promote survival
  2. Contends that people can control their behavior and that they naturally try to reach their full potential
  3. Connects right and left half of your brain
  4. Space between two neurons
  5. How does information processing affect thoughts/behaviors

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  1. Gender RolesSocietal expectations of appropriate behavior for men or women


  2. Cat scaneating sleep, inhibitory rather than excitatory.


  3. Motor CortexSend info from your brain out to your body, related to movement


  4. ReuptakeSucks clogging neurotransmitters


  5. Modeeating sleep, inhibitory rather than excitatory.


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