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  1. Excitatory
  2. Cognitive Perspective
  3. Gestalt Psychology
  4. Oceipital Lobe
  5. Sensory Neurons
  1. a Examines how people understand and think about the world
  2. b Vision
  3. c Message is fired
  4. d Focuses on the organization of perception and thinking in a whole sense rather than on the individual elements of perception
  5. e transmitts from body to spinal cord, from different sensations, incoming messages ie touching messages ie touching hot stove

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  1. Most frequent number
  2. Location on the dendrite, where neurotransmitters bind
  3. An index of the average deviation of a set of scores from the center of the distribution
  4. Movement, attention, learning emotion
  5. Connects right and left half of your brain

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  1. Cell BodyNErve cells in the brain


  2. MedianPoint that drives the scores in half


  3. PsycodynamicHow do uncouscious conflicts/drives determine behavior


  4. StructuralismConcentrated on the functions of mental activity and the role of behavior in allowing people to adapt to their environments


  5. Psychodynamic PerspectiveBelieves behavior is motivated by inner, unconscious forces over which a person has little control