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  1. GaBA
  2. Motor Neurons
  3. Frontal Lobe
  4. Receptor site
  5. Parietal Lobe
  1. a Regulates emotional behavior organizes everything
  2. b eating sleep, inhibitory rather than excitatory.
  3. c Location on the dendrite, where neurotransmitters bind
  4. d Communicate from nervous system to muscle, brain to body, brain tells hand to move away from hot stove
  5. e Receives incoming info related to sensation

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  1. Language and memory
  2. Fight of flight, body prepares for emergency, heart rate elevated, energy boost
  3. Views behavior from the perspective of biological functioning
  4. Calms body after an emergency
  5. Send info from your brain out to your body, related to movement

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  1. Somatic Divsion of Peripheral Nervous SystemControls of volutary movement ie eyes


  2. Central Nervous SystemBrances from spinal cord to outer body


  3. NeuronsNErve cells in the brain


  4. ExcitatoryMessage is fired


  5. Sensory NeuronsConnect sensory and motor neurons, communication between