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  1. Evolutionary
  2. Median
  3. Oceipital Lobe
  4. Cognitive
  5. Frontal Lobe
  1. a How do behavior/mental processes promote survival
  2. b How does information processing affect thoughts/behaviors
  3. c Point that drives the scores in half
  4. d Regulates emotional behavior organizes everything
  5. e Vision

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  1. X-ray of your brain
  2. Inject body with radio active glucose active areas in the rbain use the glucose and glow
  3. An index of the average deviation of a set of scores from the center of the distribution
  4. Carries messages revieced by dendrites sends to muscles of other neurons, has to return to -70mv before it can refire
  5. Most frequent number

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  1. Gender RolesCluster of fibers that recieve messages from neurons


  2. Corpus CollasumFocused on uncovering the fundamental mental components of perception, consciousness, thinking, emotionsm and other kinds of mental states and activities


  3. Behavioral PerspectiveHow do our experineces and enviroment affect behavior


  4. Receptor siteLocation on the dendrite, where neurotransmitters bind


  5. MEanAverage