15 terms

ap gov ch5 vocab

due process of law
denies the govt right to deprive ppl of life, liberty, and property
equal protection of the law
equal treatment that must be observed by the govt
selective incorporation
court cases that apply bill of rights to the states
freedom of expression
right for ppl to speak, publish, and assemble
freedom of religion
ppl can freely exercise religion, and govt cannot establish a religion
prior restraint
censor publication
clear-and-present danger test
law shouldn't punish speech unless it clearly produces harmful action
defamatory writing
symbolic speech
an act that conveys a political message
free-exercise clause
1st amendment requirement that law cannot prevent free exercise of religion
establishment clause
Congress shall not respect any religion
wall of separation
govt cannot be involved with religion
exclusionary rule
improperly gathered evidence cannot be used in CRIMINAL trial
search warrant
judge's order authorizing a search
probable cause
reasonable cause for issuing warrant or making arrest; more than mere suspicion