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  1. Cranial Cavity
  2. Abdomino Pelvic Cavity
  3. Microvilli
  4. Cell Membrane
  1. a ...
  2. b Semipermiable barrier that sourrounds a cell and holds in the cytoplasm. It allows water and some nutrients to enter and waste products to leave the cell.
  3. c Cavity containing the skull and brain
  4. d Continuous cavity within the abdomen and pelvis that contains the largest organs of the gastrointestinal system.

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  2. An organelle that precedes mitosis
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  1. Fixed Ribosomes...


  2. Chromatin...


  3. Spinal CordPart of the central nervous system. Continuous with the medulla oblongata of the brain and extends down the back in the spinal cavity. Ends at L2 and seperates into individual nerves.


  4. Two Pleural CavitiesCavity containing the skull and brain


  5. Golgi Apparatus...