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  1. Cell Membrane
  2. Nucleolus
  3. Amino Acids
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  2. b Semipermiable barrier that sourrounds a cell and holds in the cytoplasm. It allows water and some nutrients to enter and waste products to leave the cell.
  3. c Round, central region within the nucleus. It makes ribosomes.

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  4. Chemicals (such as DNA or RNA) that carry genetic information
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  1. LysosomeOrganelle that consists of a small sac with digestive enzymes in it. These destroy pathogens that invade the cell.


  2. Cranial CavityCavity containing the skull and brain


  3. ADNASmall hairs that flow in waves to move foreign particles away from the lungs toward the nose and throat, where they can be expelled. Also found inside the Fallopian tubes to propel an ovum toward the uterus.


  4. Cilia...


  5. Chromatin...